Man Killed After Attempting to Steal Electrical Wiring

Man Killed After Attempting to Steal Electrical Wiring

A man was subjected to a violent and painful death when he tried to steal electrical wiring in Poço de Petróleo, in the municipality of Mossoró, state of Rio Grande de Norte, Brazil. No further details are available but look at what that pure fucking power can do to a human body. Never ceases to amaze me. Electricity has always scared the shit out of me and this is why. I don’t fuck with electrical shit.

On a side note, that mangled hand made me think of the butler from Scary Movie 2. Anyone else remember that or am I just geting way too old?

Props to @mrspink for the images.

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59 thoughts on “Man Killed After Attempting to Steal Electrical Wiring

  1. Holy fuckn shit!! I used to be an electricians helper. Pulling wire 500 feet and messing with 120s And 240s. Lol, once a friend at work plugged in the heater on the inside. And I was working on it outside. I touched it and it bit me. My dumbass thought it was just in my head (you know, like you tap on it, think it got you, so you naturally pull back) so I went into it again and bam! Knocked me flat on my ass. My boss just looked over and shook his head while lightly laughing at my stupid ass.

  2. The part in scary movie 2 where the wheel chair dude is hanging over the balcony:
    “Take my hand”
    “No, your other hand!”
    “But this is my strong hand”
    It went something like that but it’s one of my favorite. The part at the dinner where he’s touching everything was funny too. The way he describe making the turkey and humps it. “My germs”

  3. Electricity is a god that demands respect. A force that can be guided for our everyday use, but never dominated. If one disrespects it, if its not the shock that kills you, the burning heat will… Even if it allows you to survive, it will leave its permanent scars… 😀

    And i never liked the Scary Movies… 😐 I was never a fan of commedies, and they are just too stupid for my liking…

    • Electricity is an amazing power/science…Nicola Tesla had a grip on it like no one else. We wouldn’t nearly all the comforts of home,and AC current if not for him. Wireless remotes,radio,and prolly cell phones are all from his work. and who knows how much more the government has…they have all his designs,blueprints for inventions that were too advanced for society after he died.
      and he hardly gets any credit…he was a god amongst insects. He SHOULD be on currency around entire world. Really interesting person to read about.

  4. TAKE MY LIL HAAAND! IT’S MY STRONGEST ONE!!… guy with glasses: IDDDD RAAATHER DIIIIE!….Ahahaha! That and the turkey fucking…omg,imma barf again from laughing…You’re not the only old one around, and that movies one of this old farts FAVS!

    Dude looks hella fucked off though!…;Karnas a bitch though…be a pos,get treated like a pos..

    Omg…I’m dying..any stomach flu remedies, NOT involving pot,would be GREAT…..I’M PUKING WATER….HELP ME…😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😭😭😭💩

  5. Someone tell me WTH is sticking out near his armpit? I know with house fire victims, the skin on the outside contracts and as the insides cook they herniate through the taut skin (I still have flashbacks–as an 18 yr old EMT–about a burned-alive dead 15 month old in a house fire which I had to transport. At the time my nephew was the same age as the toddler).

    Is it muscle? Lung?

  6. Never could figure out the whole ohms, watts, and voltage stuff, but I know it’s not the volts that kill you, it’s the amps (right?) I also remember rubbing my feet on the carpet as a kid and then going to touch my brother on the neck for a good jolt haha! And i loved sticking my tongue on a 9 volt battery! That was always fun lol! I was a weird kid :/

  7. So the other day I was cleaning out water troughs for the horses. The farm I lease has electric fencing. Well as I was filling them up and holding the hose, it touched the wire! It’s not typically too bad when you touch it, defiantly not pleasant, but not too bad. Well I guess because of the water, when the currant ran through the hose to my arm, it literally felt like someone had punched me in my right shoulder, so hard I flew back two feet! Also felt every single nerves in my arm and shoulder go bat shit crazy on fire! My arm and fingers tingled for a solid hour after. Scared the shit out of me! It was intense and I will always remember the force driving me back like I was pushed. Scary shit. Unfortunately no one was there to video my stupid ass testing out the water doesn’t mix well with an electric current.

      • Yea my arm and fingers still feel a little strange, but it did scare the living crap out of me. My heart really did stop for a second. It was just a stupid move on my part. What I don’t understand is, I know there have been time where I’ve filled it like that before and nothing has happened… All I know is it wasn’t cool and I will never do it again! Thanks for asking. I did take a look around to make sure no one saw my stupid ass though…

        • Wow. That sucks. I had gotten my foot caught in an electric fence surrounding a dog kennel. The dog was awesome and still to this day cant understand why they had him or her in that living environment. But I couldn’t get my foot out of the fence and everyone was laughing too hard to come and help me….bastards. I was young too like 11. But no water was involved and i can’t imagine how much worse that was for you.

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