Perhaps it is best if things aren’t brought to light but sometimes, resurfacing things from the shadows are always your best bet.

I didn’t really wish to talk about this but if it involved any of us and anything we’re doing then that means it becomes our business. Whether we choose to get involved or not doesn’t matter. Sitting in silence isn’t exactly what I intend to do especially if they keep calling us names which are unrepresentative of us. Social justice warriors? Unwelcoming to differing opinions? Feminists? We aren’t any of those. If you stop and think even for just one second, you’ll see that they merely are projecting things that they represent. We never shoved any of our beliefs down anyone’s throats, we never let people feel that if you have different opinions of us you will get banished, more so we never stood up for something you can even call, theatrically, evil.

I am not going to say anything they ever said in reference to us as demeaning because that is and won’t ever be the case. To stoop down to their level is something we refuse to do. I’d like to think we hold a higher level of standards, values and rightness of character. I’m not saying we’re better people than anyone or that we have a superiority complex, I simply am saying that we make choices that work for everyone – given that we consult one another before making any decisions, without trampling anyone’s rights and freedoms and seeing everything with level-headedness, objectivity and diplomacy. All of us have compassion, mercy and most of all, a sense of camaraderie. We have hearts. We aren’t just a gore site. We aren’t here to spread agenda. We aren’t here to spread lies. We aren’t here to make money out of false claims. We aren’t hypocrites. We don’t say we spread the truth and do otherwise. There are things that we aren’t and things that they are.

We aim to attract like-minded people. People get drawn to things they feel they have a connection with hence, that’s why we have this small community. We are here because there’s a good reason why we do what we do and those reasons, I believe, are both poetic and beautiful: to end the tyranny of the other site, to speak the truth, to let opinions and other forms of speech flow freely, to foster the community we once had free from hidden agenda and free from judgement because your opinions are different and, even better, is that we are all free from ‘her’. I think the last part is the most beautiful reason why we exist. They are intimidated by those reasons, that’s why they pulled out their last card – the sudden resurrection of their Supreme Leader. He suddenly showed his head amidst the fiasco between this website and theirs. Isn’t it rather ‘conincidental’ that he chose to keep his silence until we eventually crawled out of the woodwork and all of you guys are coming in (thanks for all the support, by the way)? Isn’t it also rather ‘conincidental’ that we had almost 4,700 attempts to take down the website despite our rather immensely fresh existence? The reason is blatant, covert and bitch-slapped in the face. We aren’t even employing intimidation tactics; we simply just exist.

There’s a few things I know in this two decades of existence that I am living: those with weak foundations are doomed to shatter. Like a straw house blown by a strong wind, what they built would not last when threatened even by the littlest amount of force directed at them. All we did is build riGOREmortis yet they placed all their bets on trying to shut us down and bringing ‘him’ out of the shadows as a publicity stunt. We’re standing strong even if we’re very new in the gore game and they’ve been around the internet for eight years. Putting it figuratively, they are a mansion built with sand and we are a small house built with concrete.

Now the title seems incredibly befitting, don’t you think?

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142 thoughts on “Intimidation

  1. I never truly hated her, but I was pretty terrified of her. I saw how she treated others, and as of today, I’m starting to know the full extent of the corruption. I’m done with constantly kissing her ass in hopes that I don’t get banned for wanting answers or disagreeing. I’m glad to be here with the REAL BG family, where I’m no longer afraid to leave a comment.

      • I don’t know much about her, just that she was really mean to anyone who disagreed with her. Apparently, she’s worse than I thought. Was there stuff going on that I missed, or was everyone just tired of having their comments deleted?

        I’ll support RGM in any way that I can 🙂

        • Well I think it’s a yes for both your questions. A lot of people have expressed dismay over their comments not getting through, disappointed about the ‘leadership’ on that site and pretty much displeased about how things are going, both back and frontend of the website.

          • I missed a lot of what happened. After I noticed that Obli was gone, pretty much all I read were the captions. Every time I looked at the comments, I was pretty much just skimming through the usernames to see if there was anyone I recognized, but everyone I knew was gone. The morbidly curious side of me wants to hear about all the drama, but I also just want to leave it in the past and move on with RGM.

  2. It is very strange how MM suddenly appeared when things are going downhill for them. From the use of his words and the way things are written I can’t help but to think that those were written by Acneska. Perhaps MM was writing under Acneska and Ate all along (or the other way around.) Either way I don’t give a flying fuck about that shit site and I’m happy to say that I’m not a part of it. Funny how everyone there is treating him like a celebrity when he is just a big fraud. Reading @thedreman ‘s comment about how MM treated him like a nobody doesn’t surprise me at all (and @thedreman , I’m sorry you were scammed out of your money.)
    I have thought about telling my banned story but I don’t even know why I was banned to be completely honest. Like most of you, I visited BG daily. I started using Whatsapp and was receiving good bits of contents so I started submitting them to BG. @obli was posting a lot of my contributions and a lot of members started to notice me even though I didn’t comment much. Then they stopped using my contributions which I really don’t care but suddenly I couldn’t comment, even just to say hello to someone. I check back from time to time, submitted contents and try to comment but non was working so I gave up after a few weeks.
    Like I’ve told LF, even if you guys do not use my contributions I am not butt hurt in anyway. I’m just really happy to see a lot of familiar faces here. 😊

  3. To me you guys are better people. You made a site where people are welcomed in, every new person that signs up and comments are acknowledge. No one will be banned if they disagree with a post, there allowed to tell there point of view. Rigoremortis is and will always be a site where people can joke, make new friends, and have discussions about topics being posted. This site will grow bigger and stronger with its moderators and members. The other site will disappear with more and more people now seeing the truth. They are scared because the truth is out, why else would this site be under attack so soon. They show the meaning of arrogance in its truest form. Rigoremortis is and will be the site BG claims to be. BG should be scared, their lies and corruption will bring them down and it’s catching up to them. And when that happens, Rigoremortis will still be here.

  4. That was an amazing post to read. I don’t know much about the whole MM thing or that acneska person taking over for a while. I was a lurker on BG (or BS, since it seems like the site is full of it) for a long time before I registered recently. The day MM came back I even gave him praise and congrats and friended him. It’s a different name but his pic is of him in the foreground of a tropical ‘paradise’. I can’t even delete my lyrics in the poetry forum or delete my account. After you guys friended me I immediately came over here and saw all of you guys from BG that I really like. Maybe I Will get banned from there just for living here now. But that’s fine, Obli is here. And @theluvmuscle is one that I remember from BG. Your funny ass Mcdonalds pic is burnt into my brain. I love you guys all of you on this site. RGM all the way. Let’s get some vids of people falling on this mother fucker!

  5. Excellent post @staciejaxx you go girl! I took a sneak peek at BG this morning just to see how many “welcome back” post MM has. Well at about 7:50am ET there were 5 comments. That says a lot to me how much people are moving away from BG.

    Poor victimised MM has resurfaced about 3 years after he disappeared and eventually ended up in a jungle. He had so much help financially and otherwise, I have not seen anything on BG with MM thanking for all the help, instead he starts moaning about the lack of internet access etc. Ungratful twat!!

  6. So… that “feminists, SJW and White Knights” were directed at us?… o.O Whaaaaaaaaat???… 😆 Im usually good at understanding the immediate situation but honestly, im lost now… Did prison made him lose a few bolts off his head or something?

    Wait… Who’s side is he even taking by the way? What exactly is going on now? Is he mad because people exposed the financial scheme going on on that other site? Is it because the truth came from above? Anyways… i noticed that Acneska hasnt made a single post since his return… was she/he/it erased from the site as well? I dont get it… 😐 I have more questions now than i had… He didnt even had his power for 3 whole years, or even a say for the site’s function… In what way is he even involved with whats going on now?

    • @derkopfsammler
      He’s on her side of course and mentioned that the ‘good guys’ are retiring so she’s supposedly gone. I’m curious if this is actually him or ska just posting under his name to get people back. They make no sense and I guess they think him coming back after all this time will get people back on the site.

      • @littlefoot Im making that guess as well… What if its “her” posing as him?… Its not a fake account, thats indeed his though… if its “her”, then that makes sense…

        Wait… what if “she” was actually he all along? o.O He would have had reasons to use a secondary account since he was being sniffed by the canadian police in every way… Also, its fitting that “she” had all the power to the site, and acting in a very “male way” for a supposed “woman”… Now that hes out of the grid, he no longer needs that secondary account, and he can assume his true form. Its also fitting that he knows everything that has happened to the site, and acts all protective of it… It makes sense…

        Acneska IS Mark… 😐 (Or maybe im just overthinking…)

      • What I could never get is BG was never a unique site. I’m not trying to insult but like I stated numerous times over was around before the year 2000. I frequented that site often. Mark just adopted the same format and ran with it. No one is better or worse for it so the ones putting themselves high upon that pedestal don’t belong there. Obli never did. He did what he did for the sake of everyone as a whole and stayed knowing of a promise he had made. I seen the bullshit unwind and when I was sent his goodbye post I was sad to see it but not surprised. He and i dont have to have a friendship for me to respect him for what he did. I’m glad to see him here, on a much deserving place, surrounded by people he called family, and his support system when the pain gets too bad without feeling unworthy or undeserving because he too was treated very unfairly. He had to sit and get it from both sides and was being picked apart. Like I said I see things…

        • The only uniqueness it had in my view was that people seemed to be historicaly aware about the truth of WW2 in there… As a revisionist, that attracted my attention other than the gore, but for gore sites, i used to go to Rotten, BloodShows, CharonBoat and Ogrish before finding that other site… So nothing new to me gorewise. 😐

        • Agreed. Obli was always my favorite. He just told the facts, made some jokes – and didn’t turn EVERYTHING into a religious, sexist, political thing.
          Those are big issues, and people get very passionate about them. Those things have their own times and places to be discussed, but BG was a gore site. That’s what I was there for, but bitch face turned almost every post into a mini war zone. She really likes to start shit and watch the chaos.

      • He’s nothing but a sell out anyway. All that talk about “I’d rather die then give up my right to free speech!!!” Then He folds like a wet suit and pleas out…. But after all he is King Merek! Lol. Please (insert eye roll) I can’t even read his posts, makes the screws on my head start turning…

          • I just find it strange how both him and her write extremely similar, Have the same extremist views and both like woman with huge 12inch long meat flaps…? How weird is that! 😱 Plus the fact they both describe things using the same terminology. Just too many coincidences. Plus the fact, she is now POOF!? Gone now? I dont understand how she was able to have so much authority, when other writers had seniority over her? Why was she given free rein and Obli was made to deal with her bullshit? Why he wasn’t able to tell her how it is and if she doesn’t stop her bullshit then she will have to find another place? Obli ran that site when Mark left. Not only did he run it but imhe is the reason it grew! I came on as soon as mark left and I saw all the work Obli put in! Why was she able to steamroll the other mods? Were you guys told by Mark to let her have her way? Was Mark in contact with you guys while she was getting out of hand? I guess I just don’t understand why she was able to ban a ton of old time members for no other reason then different opinions, and no one was able to say ” Anacunt this is not allowed! We don’t shut down free Speach and we don’t cut out our friends”
            If anyone would have, what would have happened? From your post @Obli it sounds like you finally had enough and left on your own, even though you had put so much effort into a site YOU helped create by keeping it going! I just don’t see how no one was able to shut her ass down ?
            That’s why I am convinced that either Mark and her are the same, or there is some affiliation between the two.

          • Well Mark and her definitely are very different people. They do have a very similar writing style mainly because she’s his disciple and copies off his words but her catch is that she takes any of his opinions and idealogies to the extreme. It occurs to me and others that he is letting her unpleasant behaviors slide because he’s extremely crippled and Acneska and Vasily are his wheelchair and Obli was the one driving them forward, putting that figuratively. He needs all of them to exist. It was a huge blow when Obli decided to quit. I feel like I have no authority to tell you the entirety of what exactly happened so I’ll let Obli to explain that for you.

            No, I never have gotten any contact from Mark but Acneska was the one who walked me through the process of writing with them. I’m not senior to her in anyway in terms of residency on that website. Frankly, they didn’t really treat me very good as a writer, but I think Obli had it worse since he has put so much effort into everything he made. I’ve written professionally for so many people over the years and I can tell you without exaggeration that she is the worst ‘editor-in-chief’, as she calls herself, that I have ever worked with for many years. *shudders*

          • @hunter1031 Mark and her are not the same person. Acneska was a member for a very long time and her name was Angie. Mark would even mention her as far back as 2009. She was a lost girl when she found Mark and he became her little obsession. She was obsessed with him and therefore obsessed with his views. The longer it went on the more insane she got. They are NOT the same person. Her real name is Agnes and she likes to make people believe she lives in the Czech Republic but she does not. She is a whole lot closer to us than Europe. When Mark left, Acneska was who he trusted. Vasily had a crush on Acneska and Mark could not run the site without Vasily.. so that’s why Acneska was never going anywhere. She along with vasily ran the site and they used @Obli and treated him like shit in the end after all he did for them. I’m sure he could better explain things if he wants. But i know they treated him like shit. Even though the site was at it’s best when @Obli was basically running things. I am extremely proud of him for standing up for what was right. That’s why he’s my baby. 🙂

          • Yes I remember when I first realized that he wasn’t going to take anymore of her bashing the female old time members, I think it was on the thread of the Russian slapping a woman…? And I saw he took up for the girls who had posted. That is the point where I really started to respect him as a person, not just a contributor. I thought that Obli was the main guy for a while… I guess because he was the one “out in the shit” so to speak. Keeping up content, making up interesting threads and posting like crazy. I didn’t know she has a different name before. That is terrible that after all his hard work that he wasn’t able to go to Mark or whomever and say, ” guys this girl is a problem”
            That he felt the only thing to do was to leave. That’s sad man. I still don’t understand everything, and I don’t need too. I was just curious as to why no one could go to mark and explain what she was doing. With banning member who spoke their minds, moderating us and belittling anyone with an intelligent rebuttal to her bullshit. Also making a highly uncomfortable situation for everyone. That’s all. I truly thought and still think that Mark used Obli because he knew that everyone respected him and he knew he would work his butt off to keep things going. Thanks you for doing it though Obli!

          • I seriously wanted to beat her with a fucking bat after the Russian post. I itch to find her and teach her a fucking lesson. I’m serious. She won’t be doing anymore shit talking if we met. But she needs to be taught a lesson…i just wish she lived closer. I cried watching that poor woman being slapped. I have had some seriously gnarly shit happen to me and between that and her comment I just lost it. She tried so hard to have this badass bitch attitude. That’s what fucks me up. You don’t need to be anyone you’re not just because you’re on a site like that. So many fake people it killed me. I mean my god just be you….you’re probably fantastic…i don’t know. That’s why I love my people I know what I’m getting and i love that

          • @trainwreck We know exactly how you feel mama, her having to live with herself is punishment enough and people like that never learn their lessons anyway, but if you find her, I’ll bring the snacks 😉

          • @re-pete I wish I could be that vicious and back in the day I was…very, but having a kid changes you, softens you and teaches you wise lessons that you aren’t even aware you were taught until something like this transpires. I’d love to humiliate her….beat her not so much. I don’t need to be locked up away from my son. Then she wins again.

  7. I didn’t even know that post was directed towards this site. . . I tried to cleverly/uncleverly mask my opinion with big words straight off the dictionary, but was moderated as usual. Doesn’t make sense. How do they expect to keep people if no one in that site communicates?

          • @shortyshark I must admit it was pretty funny. Then there was the alias I wonder if she was annoyed, probably not because she has no feelings. @re-pete I couldn’t have gone there. I imagine here sitting there in front of the computer with the mouse stuck up her ass…..cord just trailing out……idk why

          • And stuff 😂😂😂😂. Quite honestly I only liked seeing your posting and Obli. I’ve never had an issue with any of the information provided as well as you both being unbiased and just stating what we were about to see and the bit of information that came with it. Everyone else can eat a dick

          • Awwwww thanks @trainwreck

            That bitch debauchered most of what I wrote though and twisted some information. She doesn’t have the right to do that and I feel ashamed I let her do that. The succeeding posts before I left were edited and reviewed by Obli and oh my god, I was so glad when they finally let him look over my stuff. I know he won’t do the shit she did and let me do my thing and not twist my words.

          • @staciejaxx I wasn’t aware of that. Last night I was confused as to how and why I missed so much and realized see that she had full control over what posts and what others say. Plus i was always rambling and ranting as usual.

            No one should have ever edited your posts. You were trusted to be a writer for the site but it now appears you were just a filler of space. You write BEAUTIFULLY. So I can see why she used you to write most then she came in and edited the content to suit her needs. This isn’t the New York Times or any other mainstream news source. This is an unadulterated, unfiltered news source. You are awesome at what you do and I hope you take this to higher places. I can’t write anymore. I forget what I’m saying too often. My thing was radio, writing some and professionally advertising. Now I’m mom.

            It’s best this way for you and for everyone else. I’m happy I never have to see anymore of her rants although I’m dying to see what she looks like

          • Yes, I really feel like she doesn’t have the right to do what she did. I agree with you @trainwreck. I think they just pulled people in to write for them for free while they run off, take all the money out of the free work by the people who wrote for them and those who sent in content so their lazy asses don’t have to do shit. Us leaving Best Gore was one of the greatest things we ever did.

            I’ve written for big and small places and did almost everything under the sun but I don’t think I have made it that far yet or do I intend to. I didn’t go to school for it after all plus writing is more of a hobby for me. I just happened to have collected some experience for it which made me do it professionally. The thing I did go to school for was research and I think that really fostered my writing. Her shitting on what I worked on really is insulting. My professors and theses advisers barely edited my work and so did my previous editors-in-chief. I don’t mind it if she asked to take off something or reword something but to change almost everything in it is fucking ridiculous.

            You did radio? You must have a great voice then lol 😀 what did you do with it? Aren’t you supposed to be chatty if you intent to get to radio?

          • @trainwreck there is nothing wrong with being a mom now sweetie. ❤️
            And @staciejaxx you are a creative writer and I know I enjoy reading your thoughts. Tell me though… So they really use cats? Come on… How else is the “chicken and beef” so soft and tender? What’s the secret! Tell us! 😩

          • Most definitely yes hahahaha there’s some truth in there. Especially in mainland China. They use rats, dogs, cats as meat susbtitutes.

          • I have a raspy voice and not in a sexy way… But it was midnight radio and I made jokes, played music like KMFDM Battery Lords of acid, Babes in Toyland, L7 etc. Talked about bullshit in Chicago, what’s happening where. People called in with stuff they had on their mind and usually wanting to know who was playing when and where. Variety. I have a deafening laugh at times. I always wanted to be a writer but hated the technical aspect of it, drove me nuts because I sometimes write my sentences like Yoda. If you look at mine you can sometimes see it. You’re excellent at what you do.

          • My god! That sounds delicious. Mind if I grab a bite?

            Didn’t realize it was that bad. I wonder if anyone has the knowledge and technology to hack in there and take that website down for good. We are the Jews – I mean legion.

          • @hunter1031Being a mom is the best part of my life. Everyone knows how much I love my son he’s “amazeballs” atleast that’s what his friend drew says about him. He’s a fucking cool kid too love them both

            @necropheliacspatt I love the editing button. There are so many fantastic features that have been added that weren’t available..elsewhere. It’s definitely user friendly on every level.

  8. “Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear”.. I for one felt censored, always choosing my words as to not offend some overly sensitive, whiney, bitch.. Which in the end, I’m fairly sure banned me anyhow. As soon as someone would present a differing argument, or say something that went against popular views, they were attacked by the sheep whom take admins opinions as the written word.. Which always irritated me. The critical thinkers that were around, got silenced.. I truly hope that has changed..

    Anyway, I like what you’ve done with the site, and I’m seeing some familiar faces, which is cool. I’d like to give a shout out to little foot for emailing me and bringing me up to speed! I’ve truly missed all you sick fucks!!

  9. Im lost, who Is intimidated by WHO?!?.. In order to intimidated, then you’d have to have fear in your heart….I fear NOTHING…. FUCK CUNTSKA AND HER FAAAAKE LEGION!!.. They can ALL bend over and get fucked by nailstudded bats!..



    Pardon amanda right now….She’s a REAL CUNTBAG!

    • You know the deal. You were over there for a long time. Listen I know Mark was a POS. I always have thought that. I knew that the site was getting money by hosting the porn sites therefore they didn’t need the $$$ for upkeep etc etc etc. I also know that certain people thought what I was saying was bullshit…oh well

  10. Okay, I’m lost… @derkopfsammler. What money scheme? I clearly lurked for a long time on the site but never got close to anyone and didn’t even have an account until last year over there at BG. I clearly don’t understand/am ignorant of the politics that have gone on there.

    I check in over there now and again to see if I can figure it out, but I can’t. The whole time I thought it was @obli ‘s site! 😀

  11. If you compare the pic of MM with his arms outstretched wearing sunglasses to his mugshot it looks like he got a nose job, probably so he didn’t resemble the people he hates so much. He could be a self hater too. Also a pic on his site of him meeting some dude in Iceland or someplace, he is wearing eye makeup and lipstick if I remember right, I wondered why so many people liked him at the time. He banned my first account(poop rocks) around 2011 or so after I tried to debate some of his ideas as he pretended to encourage and my IP was banned. Years later when I got another computer I came back another time and got banned again and then opened up nutter butter when he was gone. Glad you guys opened this site, MM is a total dweeb.
    Also, the bizarre hatred of single mothers and women in general made me wonder why people liked him as well. I hope a single Jewish mother beats the dog shit out of him.

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