Russian Man’s Rotten Leg Sawn Off

Russian Man's Rotten Leg Sawn Off

Here’s a case of a serious infection which led to necrotizing fasciitis in the victim. We see the heel of the foot has begun to rot away and the leg bones are exposed. The leg is sawn off by a doctor using wire. Got me in the mood for wings, though. I don’t speak Russian, so if anyone can translate it would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. So… Just leave it like that? Looks like that infection is gonna keep working its way up the leg. I would think amputating above the infection would be the way to go. Poor guy. Hope it wasn’t Krokodil.

    • He can take his Tatoo home and admire it on his mantle. Or make a lamp out of it using his foot as the foot of the lamp…And, also show off his Tat at the same time, using the lamp light to emphasize his artwork of a tattoo. That works.

    • @eyez2die4… You know Eyes, sometimes the time just gets away from you and before ya know it, a couple weeks has passed…next thing you know, your leg is almost rotted off. “Well dear, I guess I should get in to the doc and git this here leg o mine looked at. Startin’ ta stink up a bit, eh hun”? “Besides, had all the fun I could, popping all that pus outta it, now there ain’t nothin’ more ta pop anymore. Funs over”.

  2. This is from shooting the drug krokodil. When you miss it is a auto abscess and after a short time it eats the skin and tissue. That coupled with other factors. Including hep. When you inject krokodil, you are literally injecting raw iodine, gasoline and other chemicals that are not pure into your system. Typically users are dead within 2 years, some less. It is stronger then heroin and cost about $2 to make. There are videos showing massive wounds and people loosing limbs and still they won’t stop…. What addiction doing to a person is scary. Talk about walking dead.

  3. I’m baffled as to why this guy waited so long to see a doctor! I think at the first sight of bone my ass would have been at the doctors immediately. Then again, if you’re stoned out of your mind, maybe visible bones aren’t that important or noticeable. Just nasty!

  4. That is some medieval surgery. I mean, seriously! Strap that leg down so it’s not flopping around. Use a powered amputation saw. Take the leg off above the knee. He’ll be back in a week! And, get the other leg too. It’s pretty certain it can’t be saved.

  5. This was one of the very first videos that got me into gore. My boss was talking about krokidile at work, so I searched for it on the internet that night and I’ve been a gore fiend ever since, 3 years running.

    • Krokodil is some serious shit. Not trying to disappoint @derkopfsammler but my back in the day drug use never consisted of shit that ate my outsides…only my brain neurologically. Never anything I couldn’t live without. All of these new drug trends bathsalts (There for a long time I thought bathsalts were just that, that stuff you poor into your bath to relax, boy was I wrong) and all the other nasty stuff. I’m good

  6. just random smack head (i have nothing against them), 26 year old, have hepatitis and in high spirits, asking for pain killers, while knowing his leg will get cut of, but doc refuses, says you aint going to feel anything 😉

  7. Damn. Just….damn! As a registered nurse this whole thing pisses me off. If it truly is necrotizing fasciitis then obviously they don’t think of it as we do in the States. If anyone is even suspected of having necrotizing fasciitis they are immediately quarantined and everyone MUST gown up, put on gloves and wear a mask.Then they must scrub down before they can leave the room. Plus, when she was “cleaning” the poor guy’s other foot, she used the same swab on all the problematic areas and just smeared it on, going from one area to another and back again, that’s not called cleaning either. That’s called cross contamination and that is never a good idea. She never really cleaned it. There’s a pretty good probability that one area can have other kinds of germs than another and she’s just smeared the badness everywhere! GROSS. I won’t even get started on the bone being cut off while sitting in a wheelchair, other than to say, yet again..damn. Just…damn! Is the country so poor you can’t get medical care or is it just a stupid, drugged up man caught stealing from the five and dime so he can sell it and get more drugs and when the cops caught him decided to hell with this and dropped him off at some clinic?

      • You’ll just have to trust me that this is one stink you don’t ever want to smell. Ever. And you’ll know that smell every time you are in it’s presence. I’ve seen the best surgeon (in my humble opinion) faint when he came into a room where my patient had NF. I’ve seen folks vomit up their next shit. It’s gruesome. And then some.

        True story: I had a patient that was brought in after she had been kidnapped and taken into an abandoned building and tied while splayed out on the concrete. Her hands and feet were tied with bungie cords and looped around concrete columns. (Her attackers would leave her laying like that for just over a week before a real estate broker came to view the site and notified the police). They never changed her position. She was lucky if they threw a hose on her everyday just to wash away her feces before raping her multiple times daily.. She was also lucky if they aimed the hose at her face so she could have something to drink.

        It was pitiful, disgusting and brought her world to it’s knees.

        She was covered, literally covered, in maggots, lice and even cockroaches in her hair. (Staff from the ER had to take her to an emergency shower that’s in a small room between the ER and the Emergency entrance to clean off as much as they could before treating her.) I mean she reeked and was infested. From laying on the concrete, she wound up with her skin breaking down to the bones. She had NF on the back of her head, neck, shoulders, entire back, bilaterally on buttocks and her calves and heels. It took us almost a year of debriding, skin grafts, massive amounts of antibiotics and everything else you can think of. We did it all. I won’t even hazard a guess at how many times she said, “Just let me die.” Then her family would come in and say, “No, treat her, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” Well, I can tell you that she was more competent than most of her family, but she relented time and time again to her family’s wishes.

        I took the family aside more than once and told them that her SPINE is exposed, that she had BONES sticking out of her that we have to cut off (in surgery in an operating room with anesthesia) and she had her SKULL visible and that try as we might, we couldn’t get her pain free. There’s just too much damage. Still, they would not relent. Yet they constantly refused to see her wounds because seeing them would make them “ill”.

        We finally discharged her to a nursing home and I’ve not heard anything since then.

        Get this, she never would press charges on the men. She said it was easier to just forgive them and move on with her life and refused to even discuss it with the police!

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