Man’s Untreated Machete Wounds Become Infected with Maggots

Man's Untreated Machete Wounds Become Infected with Maggots

This poor guy’s had a rough week. First, he was attacked by an asshole weilding a machete, then to add insult to injury, the wounds became infected and then covered in maggots once the flies did their thing. Fucking disgusting and the man appears to be in a good deal of pain due to the infection and I’m pretty sure those maggots moving aroud in his face and head don’t feel too good either.

He survived his injuries, though.

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62 thoughts on “Man’s Untreated Machete Wounds Become Infected with Maggots

  1. Hey guys. Someone’s been trying to hack my email account. Got it straight because it was disallowed by gmail. One IP was from Tajikistan. I know, but didn’t know there were many places there offering servers for routing and IPs there. This hasn’t been a problem for me previous to getting banned from the shit site. So, again… You know.

  2. Guess who’s back on BG?

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    • I don’t know about you, but after I read this I immediately realized it was a waste of time, and that I don’t really give a fuck.

      Hundreds of thousands, my ass! There were only about a hundred regular commenters, the rest were just lurkers – and they don’t really count.

      • @irisflower
        I had to stop reading because I was getting pissed 😆

        He’s such a damn liar and most of those ‘members’ are spammers probably, we just deleted 3 accounts today trying to advertise shit. I can’t believe people are offering to give money to him again. It’s such a joke. Plus, someone very smart pointed out that screenshot is talking about ways to make your business better….so BG is a business now? lol

      • This sounds just like some shit Acneska would say. Fucking lies and no ones getting rid of that fucking, censoring bitch. Hundreds of thousands and a graph we’re supposed to believe. A few people got on the site and posted a few comments here and there with a hundred different accounts and won’t delete the members who they booted off, even when requested. This isn’t the same person who wrote the rules on the original BG site. Fuck the Holocaust BS, the jew BS, the SJW BS, I don’t fucking care to be fucking blasted with some assholes opinions like watching some MSM crap blaring into my head just because I just want to relax and enjoy the content and the conversation with people. Nothing is going to change there and someone coming back and acting like the fucking big boss, Tzar, fucking King shit almighty telling me what’s gonna happen and putting out some BS story about living in the jungle, almost off the grid crap, and can HHooopeffuuulllyyy get to a computer in some little village in some obscure place is fucking crap. And, getting rid of and retiring the “Bitch of BG” is also fucking crap. Fuck BG if the asshole who wrote that crap is seriously “in charge” now. What a pompous ass. Grow up and be real and come down off your high horse and maybe I’ll believe that shit. So, fuck off for now. If you didn’t kick acneskas ass before writing that and prove it with pictures, then screw you…You’re not real or honest.

    • @theluvmuscle, damn babe your to much!!! I logged on to that site to ask mark to have a serious discussion with me but told him I’m moderated so I doubt he will see it or give me the time. I also made friends there with obli and gang now @ who did that lol awesome!!! To fucking funny and I noticed obli and gang now @ is making lots of friends lol I seriously laughed so hard I sent my bladder into a spasm. Awesome pure awesomeness.

  3. @obli… That is funny as hell…”Obli and [email protected]“. I think you gotta have at least a hundred friends by now. That’s all I saw in activity. LMAO. Get down Obli. I’m gonna have to go and borrow a pair of my neighbors Depends to keep reading this stuff cause I’m about to piss all over myself laughing, just like @eyez2die4. 😉

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