Time Lapse Video of Rotting Baby Pig

Time Lapse Video of Rotting Baby Pig

The following video is a short film by Dr. Jerry Payne from 1962. It shows the process of decomposition in a convenient time-lapse fashion. This is one of nature’s most fascinating processes and interests me greatly. Always has.

Watching this video got me thinking; Any of you have any fast food horror stories you want to share with us?

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  1. That was fascinating! Not much happened in the first few hours, but once decomposition started it went crazy. The pigs mouth and ears moved, it’s legs twitched and it seemed to be dreaming. Just think – we are all going to end up like that – just like we never existed!

  2. I love this time lapse things. I remember i saw one with an adult pig, i wonder if its the same guy. πŸ˜€ I love when the corpse looks like its being dissolved in acid and literally melts…

    One can easly tell that the guy in the end has already delt with corpses for a long time, he doesnt even feel disgusted by touching it with his bare hands… πŸ˜†

  3. Do you think a giant vat of maggots would eat somebody alive? Cockroaches nibble on your skin and nails while you sleep, maybe they would eat you alive?? Fascinating video though!

    This is my first post on this site, thankyou for creating a new place where content and thoughts can be shared without censorship! I wasnt a BG member for long but it hurt losing that sense of community. Yall have my support!

  4. Went to DQ for meal with Cole slaw. The Cole slaw was gray. I brought it to counter and the punk argued it wasn’t bad. She went to the cooler and got another one. Told her I wouldn’t take it. I asked her if she would eat it. She said yes. So I grabbed a spoon, held it out to her and sais, “do it.” She didn’t. What she didn’t know was I was friends with the owner. Satisfaction achieved!

  5. This is pretty cool, indeed! The Cops had special corpse farms that they used in the sixties to see how long it would take a human to decompose. They used Pigs because they were the closest to humans as in the way that they rot, and stuff. Nice vintage video for sure! πŸ™‚
    About the fast food horror story, i have one to tell that happened to me, and my son about 10yrs. ago. My eldest Son & I were at work on a Kanata Construction Site, and myself being the Supervisor, would take one of my Men out for lunch twice Monthly. It just happened to be Matthew,s turn, so i knew what Restaurant that he wanted to go to as everybody got to pick their favorite food, and place within 20k of our Construction Site. So we went to an Indian Restaurant that had a great lunch buffet with lots of variety. As we had been there, at least 40 times we knew the Owners, and their good food well. My son and i favorite, was their mouth watering Butter Chicken. So we both dug in with a full plate of food. While eating, i saw a young new Indian cook, come out of the kitchen with a dish of butter chicken to dump in the existing one that only had sauce left in it. While i watched him dump it in the buffet hot container i noticed that it looked rather pinkish, but thought that it was the spice that they pre-cook it in the kitchen, before bringing it out to refill the heated containers with. So after our first plate Matt, & I went for seconds, but this time we both took butter chicken only, as we saw that it just came out 10 minutes earlier, and knew how fresh it was, and that it would not last long. As you all know, you eat butter chicken on a big bed of rice, as to soak up, all that great sauce. As we were eating, we were in deep conversation about site issues, and such and plowed back our lunch. I could not completely finish mine as i was stuffed. It was then that i noticed 2 out of the three cubes of chicken on my plate were about 75% RAW. But the meat is usually so tender, and juicy in that sauce, that you would have a hard time knowing that small i inch cubes were raw. We shrugged our shoulders, told the Lady owner that she might want to check on this raw chicken, and we went back to work. By 3pm. Matt was at my office white, as a ghost, and feeling quite ill.I asked him, if he wanted to go to the Hospital, or home, as he replied, no,no, Dad, just bring me home, i will probably puke, and go to bed, probably the flu, he said, as it was going around the site, never thinking of lunch since it was only 2hrs. before this! So off i went to drive him home.I continued my shift till days end 4pm, but started to sweat, and get violent stomach cramps shortly before locking up the office, and heading home.About halfway home, which happens to be close to our local Hospital, my cramps were so severe, and the nausea, was so out of control, i went to the Emergency, at the Queensway-Carleton Hospital. Screaming, in agony for half an hour, and a series of blood tests confirmed, that i had a severe case of food poisoning. They asked me if anybody else ate that chicken, and the Name of the Restaurant. They contacted my son, who lived alone at the time, and he was so sick his words were slurred, and could barely talk. They sent an Ambulance for him, as we ended up being side by side in the Emergency,s Intensive care unit, on large doses of Morphine, and bags of Saline solutions. Two full days in the Hospital, puking, shitting water, and so, so sick, i would not wish this on my worst enemy. Luckily, we did not get Salmonella, or even die from this violent poisoning. Sorry, for such a long story, but i had to tell it fully, and properly. I have NEVER, EVER, felt so sick in my life Boys & Girls! πŸ™

      • Nope, i never went back. I kinda felt bad for the Husband & Wife owners, as i know that this was nothing more that a silly mistake by a rookie, not paying attention to what he was doing. They are such a nice Indian couple, friendly, honest, and they took lotsa pride in their love for food, and cooking. Also, the thought, or even the smell of Butter Chicken, both my Son, and i could not tolerate for few years afterwards. The sour, and acidic taste, and smell of that stuff flying out of my nose, and mouth was so disgusting, no words can explain. It is a little like getting Super Drunk, and sick on Tequila, then every time that you smell, or think of that stuff afterwards, water rushes to you mouth, and you almost loose your lunch. But x that feeling x 10 fold, and that,s how bad it was.

  6. Can anyone find a video of time lapse decomposition from the body farm? I would love to see how a human body looks. I know they put bodies in different type of scenarios like in the sun, in the shade, covered up, uncovered. I would like to know what it looks like in all those places.

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