Young Brazilian Woman Hangs Herself for Seemingly No Reason

Young Brazilian Woman Hangs Herself for Seemingly No Reason

A 14-year-old identified as Maria Geovanna Santos Araújo was found hanged in her grandmother’s residence in the city of Camocim, state of Ceará, Brazil, where she was living. Authorities are unable to determine the cause for the apparent suicide as Maria had no outward signs of depression due to health or relationship problems. She was found by her grandmother.

Interesting to note is that the city of Camocim boasts one of the highest suicide rates of Ceará.

A young woman killed herself wearing some shorts and a tight t-shirt. We see a before image of her where she looks like a normal teen girl who wears makeup. As well all know, these sorts of things are the mark of a FEMINAZI! FEMALE CIRCLE JERKING WHORE!!! Ah!

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16 thoughts on “Young Brazilian Woman Hangs Herself for Seemingly No Reason

    • @mrspink this post is more of a parody of a post that dumb cunt made where a young woman had hanged herself and she was in feminine night wear and ska just ripped the woman apart, calling her a slut and a whore just because she was dressed in cute clothing and the girl’s before pics. it was a fucking travesty. that’s why i made the captions i did. making fun of that insecure dyke of a bitch.

      everyone who asked what ska’s deal was got called a feminist, feminazi, circle-jerking feminist whores, white knights and all other manner of stupid insult. it was pathetic.

  1. My friend’s younger brother killed himself for seemingly no reason. Didn’t leave a note and family and friends had no idea he was even having suicidal thoughts. Makes you wonder if a person would speak out and get help if they’d still be here. At least she only took her own life unlike so many selfish assholes who kill others as well.

    • That sucks to hear @littlefoot even if suicide never makes sense at least if there’s a reason known for the actions it can sometimes be a little easier to deal with for the families. You just reminded me that post of that woman that hung herself and her toddler with the last part of what you said.

  2. I’ve met cases of people that seems perfectly normal and cheerful, but hides dark and unknown secrets, even for their family… So i wouldnt be surprised if this was one of them, where unfortunatelly she couldnt take it anymore with her secret solitude and suffering. How do i know this then, you ask? Its a matter of trust, and being that shoulder. Those people just want to be found and want to be heard. Understand that people just dont do such extreme things without a valid reason…

    Edit: …WHOLY SHYTE!… Errm… i mean… oh, we can edit now!.. Nice. 🙂

  3. Um 14???? 😕 Really? Looks more like in her early 20s in that picture. Unfortunately it’s the norm for young pretty girls over there to get involved in drugs and sex at an extremely young age. I’ve seen videos of 8/9 year olds on crack in Brazil and it’s not uncommon. Drugs and the opposite sex is my guess. It’s a shame someone so young thought this was the only escape. Sad.

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