Vincit Omnia Veritas

Vincit Omnia Veritas

I don’t usually write and I have no plans to start, but I felt like we should address something since in the last few hours even more people have been banned from that other shitty website for the sole reason of coming to ours. Acneska …Agnes, woman to … uhm.. woman.. thank you. Thank you for proving us right. You have done nothing but show everyone how right we were about you. I’m not gonna sit here and say what a cunt I think you are, even though I do. At this point, you are just pathetic. Banning people for coming here? Really? That is how pitiful you’ve become? Never once did we want people to choose sides. Our site or yours. That was NEVER the case with us, because we want people to do and say as they please. That is the entire point of why we made this website. You can continue to kill the website that you run, but we refuse to do the same here. Because I guarantee you, yours won’t be around much longer. You are going to fall right on your face because you are a fraud. Why for the last few days has this website been getting attacked? We didn’t even so much as tell members about the over 4,000 attempts we have had to take us offline because we didn’t want to give you any attention whatsoever. We sat back and were quiet about it, watching at how desperate you have become. You can’t even mention our site’s name on your website and anyone who does is banned. Are you threatened? I think you might be. Why though? Because we are telling the truth about you? Everyone knows now. You can’t undo what we have done, no matter how many people you silence. Keep being a delusional psychotic bitch and you’ll keep being treated like one.

To all the members that have signed up… thank you so much for supporting us. We really appreciate it and we are so glad you are here. To the people playing both sides(that doesn’t mean visiting both sites) ..the people coming to this website and being fake as fuck only to run back to Acneska and tell her anything you think might get you a little pat on the head from her… then fuck you. Stop being a pussy and grow the fuck up. We’re not as stupid as you think. I find it extremely ironic that Mark’s motto was always Vincit Omnia Veritas, which means Truth Conquers All. And that’s so true. That’s what’s happening right now. The truth is fucking you hard like you wish one of those young naked girls in your porn forum would, Acneska. Eventually we are going to get past this, and we won’t ever speak of you again. You will disappear and just become that psycho bitch that was the cause of something amazing.. this site. You will become the nobody you truly are. Until you hit the ground completely, go fill your piss bottles back up and fuck off.

Vincit Omnia Veritas and fuck you.

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151 thoughts on “Vincit Omnia Veritas

    • I’m from mark’s home town. And there’s nothing about his ordeal that was rough. This guy was able to work and still have a life even on house arrest.
      To take his passport away while the trial was going on isn’t taking his rights away. They do that to everyone. Because well, we all know if you scape, then you know you’re guilty of something.
      He was always doing well financially.
      What made him lose his trial is the connections he had to people and websites that love inflicting pain, other retarded porn, and the retarded inbred radicals views and members that were sending him donations.

      I tried talking about him. But people had him up on a fucken pedestal, like he is your gore Jesus. Now that I think about it, Jesus was a fraud too!
      I would probably get moderated, banned, have all the members go against me and isolate me from the discussions and debates which is the reason I joined the site.

      I hope this site doesn’t attract those retards here. And hopefully we can have more intelligent discussion and debates with proper facts and information to back your facts…and not just what you see on pestwhores

  1. Awesome post nextie!! She really did us a favor by being the same bitch she’s always been. I think it speaks volumes that so many people have come to this site because they’ve seen BG for what it is. Liars, scammers, hypocrites, the list goes on and on. How they can criticize others so much when they do the exact same thing completely baffles me. Are they really that delusional? Or do they think people are that stupid? Acnescar will never change her ways, she will always be a miserable bitch. She talks shit about feminists but look at her….abuses her position of power, is petty as hell, believes she is above everyone else and absolutely refuses to see other people’s point of view. It’s her way or no way, she’s the fucking feminazi but thinks she’s rebellious because she talks shit about other women. She’s a closet homosexual who needs to come to terms that she’s attracted to other women. That’s why she posts so many naked women on the forum even though in her articles she says prostitutes are as bad as rapists. Well good job sweetie for supporting prostitutes by posting their pictures all over the site. The same bitch that calls out others for having multiple accounts yet made a second one herself just so it looked like someone was agreeing with her. Who told members that wanted to quit the site that the site didn’t need them yet now you can’t even delete your damn account. She’s the most hypocritical, confused bitch I’ve ever seen and she’d be better off staying away from the internet. Enjoy your piss bitch!

        • It says I’m moderated. I just tried. How would she know to moderate me? I haven’t commented on the site except on the revenge porn guy, but that was like a day after I joined up here. Hmmmm she was on here or she has a spy. Hey guys you like my moderation picture I sent in lol I’m not complaining one bit though!!!!!

          • She does have spies. It wouldn’t surprise me if she made an account to join us too 😅
            We should all change our names to rigoremortis and use it as advertising.

          • You guys want to talk about truth, and two faced. The person called Cranky Franky said things about me that only a long time member would have known. Doxxie was another fraud fishing for info, so was Daniel. Two faced, lol funny how when i called them on it, POOF,,, they were gone like the wind. And when i asked for the truth, and answers on who these people were, i was told lies,, and POOF Cranky Franky appears in the friend section, lol. Too many coincidences here. You guys preach the ultimate truth when in fact you are full of shit! Yes i might have said a few things that were contradictory about Acneska, and yes, i do not agree with all his views, and never did, but i know that he has had some very troubling relationships with women in the past, and this is why he is so vocal on this matter. This is why i NEVER comment on those posts as i do not agree with his generalization of all woman being cunts, and such! Everybody has their views, and we are all different. I just try and get along with everyone, and sometimes that means trying to somewhat agree with both sides as to not hurt anyone.

          • Cranky Franky is a member in this site earlier this week. You can see it on the date when he started his membership. I believe they are gone because they are banned, not because they left. You know how it goes on the other site.

            Also, I don’t appreciate being called two-faced. Loyalty is a value I strictly adhere to therefore I will stand by one thing and not switch with another just because it is convenient for me. Integrity is also something I live by, meaning I still do the right things even if no one is there to see. Not only do I prance around RGM by what I believe in but I also live by it. I don’t think you’re in the position to call us out when you clearly don’t know what’s going on, same as to what happened when we all were banished or left the other website.

            And no, the issue is not feminism or the differing opinions we had with Best Gore. We wrote a very detailed explanation of why we built this website and I have said before that we aren’t fond of repeating things. I suggest you familiarize yourself with that before you draw any more conclusions.

          • @thedreman We are full of shit? Really? We have been 100% transparent this entire time. We have been open and honest with everyone. We worked our asses off to get here, and don’t you dare tell me we are full of shit. We can’t help who signs up here. Like we said from the beginning, we will NOT stop anyone from coming here. Can you say the same thing about BG? Mark is not Acneska. We have Acneska’s real name and a photo of her. They are NOT the same person, so you do not know as much as you think. Do not try to justify Acneska or Mark’s actions with the bullshit reason of he has been with some bad women. Really? Fuck.. I’ve been with some bad dudes but I don’t go trying to silence people. Silencing people is not okay. If you support that then that is on you, and the day you have a different opinion on there is the day you find out what we were put through for months. We will not support that shit for one more second. And we will also not tell you not to come here, because like we have said.. we want people to have their own views. We want them to speak their views, but do not come talking shit here and kissing ass there. That is two faced and none of us will deal with that. We refuse to go to war with some other gore site. This is our site. We will run things the right way because we are level-headed people with no agendas and that’s how we will remain.

          • Mark has said these things about woman since day 1 so if you all got offended by it, why did you not just skip those posts as i did for all these years. Obli also knew how he felt about woman, he would voice it on a daily basis for quite some time before he joined & became a moderator. We ALL knew his stance on woman, but i chose to skip them, as i love my Wife, Mother, and all woman in general, fuck guys, i am not gay, lol. Although i did join in when it had to do with statistics on women getting off charges for false rape allegations, & such, as this is not right. When i said let by gones be by gones i meant to skip those posts girl, and come for the friendships not posts that offend you. I did not mean it in a bad way!

          • @thedreman Holy shit. You actually think this is about what he thinks of women? This is about censoring people. This is about silencing people. This is about taking away someone’s basic human right of freedom of expression. They preach one thing and the practice another. That is the definition of a hypocrite. They are one in the same with who they hate. They have become what they despise. If you can’t see that.. then there is nothing I can do to help you see it.

          • @thedreman, @yournextexgirl, @staciejaxx… Go back and just read the preface on the BG site and it states specifically the same objectives, for the most part, that this site states as its goals and objectives, etc… Freedom of expression and truth and differing opinions, etc. and no shutting down if reasonable. Those rules have been violated to the maximum extent on BG and people have simply become peons and shut down and censored and banned there, for even asking a simple question or saying something that someone there doesn’t like. It is so very hypocritical and childish and so many great people, the best of the members there, got booted for a simple, rational difference of opinion. That is the basic problem. I believe these people who started this site have a good grasp on what it means to respect others opinions encourage debate and good conversation, and their hassles with the management on BG will only enforce their will to uphold their promise to us to not let this site degrade to what it has on BG.

          • I know realize that you are right. Stacie, littlefoot, yournextex, &Theluvmuscle. Everytime that i sent Mark a private message, and asked him to pls. reply, he never did. The only time that he said anything to me is was when i sent him some money, and all i got was a simple thanks man. And when i tried to follow up with how have you been my man, he never replied to me. Remember when Mark had his online store. Well i purchased 150 bucks of B-G Gore wear, 4 T-Shirts, a cute long night shirt for the misses, and 2 B-G mouse pads. After waiting for two mts. i inquired about the status of my items, as the credit card payment had went through the same day that i ordered my stuff. I was told that the company in the Philippians had folded, and that they got screwed for the money. I sent him a welcome back private, and post comment message, but both were ignored while he thanked many other members including some new ones that never gave him money, like i did. I got used a long time ago also, but it is too long to type, and explain write now as i took a few ativan, and i am starting to feel drowsy, but at least my anxieties are now gone. You guys are right, they never, ever should have banned all of you for speaking the truth. That was just plain dirty on his, and her part. And as for Obli, and all the work that he put into that site, only to be moderated for sticking up for his friends, and fellow members was way out of line. I was embarrassed to talk about this because i felt used, and thought in my twisted mind that he would come around one day, and have a nice conversation with me. But after today, i doubt that it will ever happen, as he too does not give two shits about me, or how i feel. Again i let my emotions speak before my brain tonight, and i am sorry for calling you guys, and gals two faced, and full of shit, as you are not one bit like this! I would have been thrown out if i spoke like this on B-G for sure, but instead you all took the time to explain to me some more stuff that i did not fully know about, what happened, and i thank you for it. Little Foot,,, i am so sorry for letting my emotions get in the way, and for talking stupid shit, when i did. I never meant you no harm, and disrespect but i was very confused at the time, and felt attacked from all sides from new members that i did not even know. But that was no excuse, and i am sorry, girl. I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive some day.

          • @thedreman
            It sounds like you’ve really been fucked over and I think that’s why I got so upset because I knew deep down that was the case for you and I don’t like the thought of anyone being taken advantage of. We believe everyone has the right to state their opinion, you’ve broken no rules therefore you should be able to speak your mind. That what’s suppose to happen on BG but they don’t follow their own beliefs. That’s my problem with them. They can go on and on about feminists, Jews and shit as long as they give others a fair chance to speak their side but they never do. I can understand this has been a very confusing time for you and you’re trying to figure out what to do but just know that I am willing to move on. I don’t want any drama with anyone but I think we needed to talk about this and lay it all out so we can understand one another in the hopes of moving on.

          • @thedreman… That was a very heartfelt, well meaning thing you wrote. I don’t know you well, but thanks for letting all that out. You sound like a good hearted guy who got stuck in the middle of being torn between something. Thanks for that comment, Dude.

          • @thedreman

            you insulted my girl, then googled her, trying to get blackmail on her. You called my friends pussies and attacked members of that other site because you thought it was me in disguise, does that sound like the behavior of a brother to you? brothers are supposed to get each others backs,

            i wont forget that, but… i will forgive you. i can see you are very confused and i cannot and will not tell you what to do. But we are not like them. you are welcome here as much as anyone else. but trying to play both sides and have everyone like you is very damaging, not only to the affected parties, but to yourself as well. there is an old saying, “a friend to all is a friend to none”, and that is true. do you understand why i would have a hard time trusting you now?

            so think about what has transpired here and over there. you think we are all imagining it? how can so many people coming forth with the exact same story tell you that we are full of shit? but fuck it, we don’t need them. I’m not interested in a war with Mark and BestGore, I’m only interested in the Truth and this site.

            now, if you’ll excuse me, i need to work.

          • It’s good that people can hash things out like adults over here and not get banned our silenced.
            Obli, Mark should have given you the keys to that site when he had first hand picked you.
            Mark Marek, you were wrong for not doing that.

          • @thedreman I wish I could give you a hug right now, so here is a cyber hug instead buddy, I always like you and @littlefoot (a few others too) because you comforted me when my beloved dog died last yr and I will always remember how nice you guys were to me. I was in a very dark place at that time (felt the same as when I lost my parents) and your words my not seem much to you guys but did help me much more then you can imagine at that time.

          • @ladybug i would love nothing more than to get a big hug from you girl, as i remember when your poor pooch died last year, and i really felt awful, and i had to send you my condolences, as i too have had many pets in my life, and still have a Cat & Dog. And man it,s hard to let go once they pass, as all animals are so faithful, and loving, and are always there for you matter what happens. They will never back stab you, or care how much money you have, or don,t have, they just give you 100% unconditional love,,, The Purest Kind and want the same in return. You are a sweet girl, and i have Always liked & respected you! 🙂

          • @littlefoot i,d be careful with that, as you could loose your boot up there, lol. I honestly NEVER liked that bitch, as she was way too aggressive, and rude, especially to females. This is why i thought that she was Mark, because the minute that he got busted, and was banned from computers, this Acneska comes along, ans speaks exactly like him, loves oriental girls, like him, and he use to call his ex An acne skank bitch, lol. I guess she had a problem with acne. So when i saw the new addition to the moderators, that had supreme power over everybody else, and the name acne skank (acneska ) was his avatar, i was sure that it was him.

          • @thedreman what you say makes a lot of sense I bet that just could be him, that is why everyone thinks she is a female hating dyke, but really just Mark the female hating criminal 😂

          • “Alicatt & ladybug Mark is back as himself, and HIS Acneska days are over 🙂 Our assumptions were right all along. Now that it,s out, i have known since the beginning because of reasons that i cannot disclose, for now anyways! It does not mean that i will leave this site at all, but i will be visiting both at least for now.

          • @thedreman
            Are you kidding me? Acneska is not mark and even if she is, you’re really gonna support someone that treated all of us like shit? Things aren’t magically fixed. He’s as deceiving as the rest of them and YOU know that. If you choose to defend them like you did when I was silenced and give them your money to go in their pockets that’s your choice.

          • Without knowing who wrote this which of the ‘two’ would you assume it was……. “There was a time in recent history of Best Gore, when the website was being plagued by snowflake feminists and knights in shiny armors, who were steadily turning the website into an SJW central. Best Gore suffered greatly during that dark period, and hundreds of thousands of staple members left because of it.

            When it got to the point where every post got nuked with an SJW circle jerk, the administrators cleaned up their act and cleansed the site up, allowing the matters to quickly turn around. Staple members returned by the thousands, new members kept joining every day, and the number of people who once again felt comfortable sending in their exclusive content has risen to the highest numbers the site has ever seen.”

          • Little Foot, do you mean, when i defended you when that cunt Cranky Franky was trying to make you say things that would have had you banned right away, on the first post back. You know, everybody was happy to see you back, but this guy was trying to suck out info out of you just to get you in shit, on your very FIRST POST back, girl. So i do not know where i ever talked bad, about you, or the others because i NEVER DID. Why do you, Obli, Mikey, and others have against me, i,ll never know. I have my doubts of what it could be but holy shit guys, just tell me that i am not wanted here, and i will leave. Why do you guys hate me so much,,, i don,t need this stress, and anxieties guys so please just tell me once and for all, as i cannot do this much longer man, i am going to go crazy man. I am human, and can only take so much. I choose to support both for now, until i see if Obli, and the others will accept, and talk to me on here. But it does not look like i am wanted here, and i can,t stand the elephant in the room anymore. So pls tell me that i am not wanted here, and i will leave 🙁

          • @thedreman

            No I’m talking about when you messaged me asking to let bygones be bygones, when you went off on Cranky Franky and later accused him of being @obli so one minute you say how much you love obli and the next you’re talking shit to another member that you think is obli. Then you went on to call all of us pussies for not putting the past behind us then @re-pete stepped in and defended me saying I couldn’t respond to anyone because i was being moderated and you came back and said that none of us are actually moderated, ska will approve my messages when she gets time. This all happened before I even had my comment approved on a post. You say you never liked that bitch ska yet are convinced that bitch ska is mark and you love mark. So which is it? I never had a problem with you until I saw how two faced you were acting telling one person one thing and another person something else . You can choose to be on this site and BG just like everyone else, I have no problems with that. But please do not treat us like idiots talking shit about ska and them on this site and then going to BG and kissing their asses.

          • What are you talking about dre? Defended them? Pssssssssh. Do you want me to retell the story of how it boiled down between you and me?

          • Thank you so much all of you, including Cranky Franky who just mysteriously showed up again, to shit on me some more. Fuck i,m sick of this drama, will it ever end, will obli, and Mikey ever talk to me again, you guys have no idea how much of a good heated person that i am, and how many people and things that i do to help out in my community. I volunteered in the soup kitchen in Ottawa. I make my wife stop the car everytime that i see an old tired face on the street to offer him a meal, or give him money. I stopped my car in traffic on the byward market last winter to give another older downtrodden gentleman my new winter jacket and 50 bucks as it was -30, and he was standing over a highrise heat vent outside with only a hoodie on. I am not a bad guy you guys, and i make, and will continue to make mistakes, and for this i am sorry, but i have been taken advantage of on many occasions so i sometimes have a problem with trust, and honesty. This is why question whatever does not seem right. 🙁 I feel like someone who has committed a heinous crime and that you all want to lynch me.

          • @thedreman None of us think you are a bad guy. We think you want to be sincere to both sides, but we can’t and won’t support the way they treat people. Eventually you will find out what Mark and Acneska are for yourself. We are real and we will never be accused of censoring anyone. We know what it feels like and we refuse to shut someone up because of their views. You are welcome on this site. Everyone is, but we ask that you be the same person here as you are there.

          • @thedreman
            No one wants to lynch you and no one is denying that you have a big heart but perhaps it’s too big. I think you’ve been too generous and have been taken advantage of but you’re an adult so no one can tell you what to do. You have to understand that for those of us that were treated so unfairly when we didn’t even break any damn rules and then seeing someone say one thing and then another it’s hard to trust their intentions.

  2. Great post, baby 😚 Agnes really has become the most hated personality on the Internet, and it’s all her own doing. The hilarious part is that they kicked Mark off of his own site and ran it straight into the ground. Alienated themselves from the community, banned, threatened and harassed members, and proved that they are nothing but hypocrites and liars. And they continue to prove us right with each passing day.

    Congratu-fucking-lations, bitches

  3. I love the picture but the chick’s hot and I don’t think she’s that hot. Actually, I know she ain’t that hot. I’m glad we all eventually come to terms about addressing this. I suppose they have stopped the attacks because I checked our stats about three hours ago and it says that the total number of attempts is 4,626. In writing, it currently stayed the same number. I suppose they caught wind of this article and realized their mediocrity and eventually gave up. They deserve some credit for that. I didn’t think they were that smart but, hey I suppose they proved me wrong.

    Of course there are snitches that report all of our movements to their religious institution but, should we be concerned? I don’t think we should be. First of all, we have been transparent on this endeavor so they don’t know anything exclusive. We have integrity. if we said said so, we mean it. Everyone knows pretty much everything, other than my fascination with the rapper Ice Cube. Second, I don’t think, among themselves, they are as equipped or skilled enough to take this down, to take all of this down. Look at their site thems, that’s like, a ridiculous theme. They barely did anything to customize it. Hell, by now you might have heard of that bestshitgore blog and the theme was pretty copied well. Once again it proves their mediocrity. Third, we never asked anyone to choose a side. That’s not what we are about. There are about two to three posts on the website which explains in great detail why this site came to be. And, as we have mentioned, we aren’t exactly fond of repeating ourselves. Snitches can snitch all they want. We don’t have anything to hide.

    It is also important to note that we are not intimidated. We actually find the desperation of Best Gore ridiculous. If anything, far as the game of intimidation goes, they should be intimidated by us and that has been proved since they are banning their members because they’re going here. Frankly, I don’t give a shit what they do, ok? But if they’re gonna mess with us, that becomes our business. Which they did. Tried and failed. They tried 4,626. If that doesn’t reek of desolation and desperation, I don’t know what else it can be called.

    I love you, @yournextexgirl. I’m officially your groupie now.

    Also a groupie to @obli. And @littlefoot . Everything’s fun in threes. I almost for about @deadohiosky. ALMOST, but not quite.

    And Ice Cube. If you’re reading this, Ice Cube, I love you very much.

  4. we worked really hard to make this site happen. something had to be done about that site. the people deserve a real gore site and a real community. there are so many people who talk about doing things or complain about change but do nothing. we here at riGOREmortis have done something. we made our stand and we created the site that we wanted, that we deserve, that YOU deserve. we took matters into our own hands and made our dream reality. thank you all for your membership and support and long live RGM!

  5. I seriously think someone hit my Mac with a virus or something. I got a weird pop up that looked like it said “best video” something for video viewing (something like that) so I shut everything down and ever since I’m really slow and can’t watch any video…Screen flashes too. And I thought Macs were pretty immune to that stuff. I’m no expert. Anyone else been having problems? Maybe take some precautions. I’ve never had anything like that happen before and it is pretty deliberate.

    • Yes my mac is playing up but in different ways; I suspect that I was given a faulty machine. You definitely sound like you have a virus. Do you have the free version of Advast? It’s really good at detecting and blocking viruses. I don’t know how ‘computer literate’ you are, DO NOT send any emails out, download anything directly to your computer, save anything to flash drive etc. If you do the virus will be passed onto them. Another way to check if you have a virus – open your mac in safe mode and don’t do anything else, just observe what happens. If it acts really strangely, you have a virus.

      • Thanks Gunk. I tried to download Avast last night but it was taking hours to load. I really think someone from BG did it like they’re doing here. Members here should beware. Oh, and I did the open in safe mode and it looked ok. I’ll try the Avast again and just let it go.

      • Pc is the way to go for everything. Same with android. It’s open platform. Or if you’re really good with software, you can use Linux. Ubuntu is pretty good and stable. I’ve had both on my Toshiba.

          • I had the same issues with 2 of them. A metal case and a white one. Both garbage. You’re mostly buying into the hype that they can’t get hacked or get viruses. But they are the easiest to hack and get viruses. Your old pc probably crashed from all the junk that is pre-installed from other vendors. I delete all that shit and just keep windows.

          • I think I got it taken care of and had to go through about 5 different anti virus and anti mal ware fixes before something finally worked. Yes, Macs are susceptible to getting infected. I feel so Unclean now.

          • @gunkgirl… I sent you a private message. If you can’t read it it will go to your email. I read that the site here will be down tonight for awhile to work on that issue.

  6. Well said! 😀 They tried to damage this site nearly 5000 times, but not even once we felt a thing… 😆 (well at least i didnt…) I wonder if he/she/it is doing that singlehandedly or there are more working with that narcissistic sociopath with dissociative identity disorder… Seriously, she/he/it needs treatment for her ridiculous childish behaviour… and i’ve seen children (and even AI) behaving in a more exemplar way than she/he/it does… (i honestly still dont believe that thing is a “she”, because it certainly doenst behave like it, but it doesnt matter…)

    I honestly i never thought that you would go as far as creating a new site free from that mental retard’s oppression, but was the best decision to make to rise anew away from that cancer… 😀 Its like getting a new home after the old one was destroyed by some “natural” disaster. So thank you all RGM creators for giving us all a new home, even though i wasnt banned from that crap (yet) and therefore am still stuck by routine visiting it from time to time just for the gore content, but i now dont give a fuck what happens to me in that souless place…

    Ohhh and btw, i noticed someone with a “” on its name in there… 😆 That gave me an idea, creating accounts with that name and refreshing the page every minute with a macro so that it stays constantly visible on the “newest activity” list.

      • Same thing happened to me @shortyshark, but I didn’t try to view the convo til AFTER I’d popped over here, read a bit, & joined up. When I went back over to that other place, which I visited today out of curiosity, for the first time in 4 or 5 days, one of the other members was complaining about a friendship request also that had nothing to back it up.. That individual didn’t specify WHO had sent the friendship request. Mark replied that spammers had been “brigading” (Though I’m sure he meant”bridging”) the “friendship” connections script, and were being deleted when found.
        And I also got my ass chewed by her/him/itself re: punctuation. Brokie was tired of all the misuses of to/too/two so was giving everybody a grammar lesson. I replied on his comment to include there/their/they’re, and about the frequent confusion between were & where. And THEN I made the horrendous mistake (wink; tongue in cheek) of giving a lesson in the use of commas, and how the inclusion or exclusion of same could totally change the meaning of a sentence. And yes, this WAS a direct slam @obli, I believe called her Agnes further up in this article, as she’d made a real hash job of the post description. Her reply had something to
        do with “it was a test to see if anyone was smart enough to figure it out, & if they weren’t, too bad”. Meow!! Hiss. That one gets my vote for Bitch of the Year, though I did thank her a couple of times for things she’d posted, but fair is fair, I truly thought the thanks were deserved, in THOSE instances. And now that I’ve written a bloody book.…

          • Yup @re-pete. She musta’ been poppin’ lots of SOMETHING to be able to read & catch each & every slight that was directed at her, though the last few days before Mark’s “It’s been 3 years” post a couple of members BRUTALLY, take no prisoners style, called her on things, and did it AGAIN, directly to her, in response to her replies back to them, after she tried to justify what what she’d said/done wrong. I remember thinking “HOLY SHIT!!! She must really be off her game today because she didn’t
            “disappear” their replies, OR ban them, as I saw them
            commenting on other posts AFTER the confrontation”. But,
            seems to me someone said earlier she had a duplicate
            account that she used (as an alter ego (my phrase here))
            to write affirmative-type comments directed @herself so it looked like SOMEONE agreed with her! Maybe that’s what she was doing – using her alter-ego persona to attack her comments, so she could look like “one of the guys” that was perfectly able to “take” another member’s vehemently expressed, differing opinion? Hmmm. Wonder if she argues aloud with herself too, within the confines of her home? And who wins?……. Oh!…Wait!… I do THAT!! LOL

          • @synlover Ya , I’m sure she has a few tricks on those big crevices of hers, according to the most recent pictures of her, but when she’s isolated for as long as she’s been, talking to herself might be the only thing she had left, well that and Hitler.

    • Hi @eyez2die4 . Yes, it was acting really funky till I spent a few hours on it but finally found something that worked. I wasn’t on anything irregular except for my bowel movements and BG… 😉 I got all that set up but thought I was ok. Anyone here know anything about that russian guy, Yuri, who’s supposed to be some “big” computer whiz? Is that who’s messing with stuff?

        • @eyez2die4, Hi sweetie…Yes, my bowels are doing much better now that I’m free to speak my mind without getting banned, or bitched at… And I know that will not be a problem here because it seems that some sane and mature characters are currently running this place. BTW, does anyone know that acneska is an anagram for ‘askance’. It means ‘to look suspiciously at with mistrust or disapproval’, ‘distrustful, dubious, etc’ , ‘to look at sideways’ and may be used, I think, sort of like askew or “off a bit”… Pretty good name for someone who fits the definition, don’t ya think?

          • @theluvmuscle, it is nice here. We can joke around and have good conversation. We don’t have to worry about being silenced and if points of view are raised even the moderators would join the convo and it would be a discussion instead of one sided. When I first joined I was welcomed in. The more I’m on this site the more I find out about that crazy bitch. Like I seriously want to know what she looks like out of pure curiosity. I wanna know why and how some one can be so nuts. Bottles of piss, is that seriously true? Is she the one who hasn’t left her house in 13 years? How can someone be so much of a crazy bitch, it seriously fascinating to me cuz I know how to be a crazy bitch when needed but all the time? Her name that is just creepy. Her name fits her so well.

    • Ha-ha! Hobos pee in bottles said Marge SImpson. And truck drivers, they call them urine bombs as they are tossed out the window as they move along the highway.

      • They say truckers do so much meth and other stuff to stay awake on the road and that they piss in empty bottles rather than stop, that the piss contains enough meth for someone to get a buzz off of. Here in LA I’ve actually seen homeless guys finding them by the freeways and saving them for later. Yech!

        • @theluvmuscle I’m here in LA County as well. Wow, that’s desperation hoping to distill drugs out of piss. The sewage systems are full of psych meds, estrogen and other drugs getting into the water table. Were gonna grow a third eye and man boobs. When I hear stories of people trapped in earthquake rubble forced to drink their urine, I think man, that’s a tough choice.

          • @borntorun …Hey, maybe we’ll all get to where we can all fuck ourselves and not have to worry about the psycho problems of the person we’re in a relationship with… If I had boobs, a pussy and a dick, I could stay home all day, locked up (like Acneska) and fuck myself in peace and play with my tits, and clit, etc. 😉

          • Thanks so much for the invite to join @obli. Although still pretty much of a posting newbie @BG, I’d been lurking for a few months. Was offline for awhile, and when I came back was horrified to find all you folks gone. Vanished without a trace, and I certainly missed your posts.

        • @theluvmuscle – If you think saving bottles of piss is bad…I’ve heard that junkies who are jonesing for a fix hang out at the back of methadone clinics & pay buddy to puke up the dose he’s just ingested, which the junkie then (gak…gag)) eats. Cheaper than a fix, and potentially safer – at least if you’re having to share/use dirty needles.
          P.S. Read one of your comments on another topic earlier…Tas lives, unless has moved recently, in Busselton, W. Australia

          • @synlover… When things get that bad…? You mean, EAT that shit? Not just drink piss. As if that ain’t bad enough? Life is over and I would have figured I was at the bottom a long time before that. Gag. Serious?

          • Yup @theluvmuscle. True story. Desperation leads folks to do some strange shit. I’m fortunate to have never been that down & out myself, so not having walked a mile in their shoes…BUT…I’m in the process of quitting smoking, and at this point I’d almost kill somebody for a ciggie, so who knows? lol

      • You, have got to be kidding me. Never, ever, left her house in 13 years. Ok, now i know for sure, just like Obli said, that she is NOT Mark Marek. Sorry Obli, i should not have doubted you brother! She is a lot sicker than i thought, man 🙁 I never followed, or knew any of this inside stuff. This is probably why i got in shit sometimes, as i had no clue to most of the stuff that was going on about her & Marek. Sorry guys gals, as i did not know any better until a week ago when i started reading it all on here.

        • What??? I’m sorry to jump in the convo but really 13 years??? So she stays inside and runs BG ?? Is thats all she does, sir there and write on a site? It’s like a power trip, she can’t have a life outside or control it so she lives through the site. Did I understand that right?

  7. @yournextexgirl Hey Nextie, I think “SHE” from the other site we revolted against is putting together a hit list. I’ll admit I’m two-timing you, still checking in “there” once in a while as I see some others here doing. Well, I never changed my avatar since the default I was given when I registered last July. I noticed in the last couple of days it changed, as if some ”thing” did something with my account. I tried to tell someone there about this site though the messaging system and got “You made an inappropriate comment” Ha!. Well today I made a comment on the necklacing post and it never appeared. I think I have been banned. So what, who cares. I read some of the comments from you and the other mods about pouring your hearts into that site and I felt bad for you all, me being a part timer and all. Thanks for your hard work.

  8. I’ve noticed that since you guys have gone live she’s been posting vids like crazy too… I thought they just made a huge song and dance about the fact that they were winding down and needed our money to continue!

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