Man Survives Brutal Attack with Bad Ass Weapon

Man Survives Brutal Attack with Bad Ass Weapon

Not much info on this one but a man in Brazil was attacked in the street with a home made spiked knuckle duster. Fucking brutal! Look what that shit did to this poor motherfucker. He survived his injuries, getting medical attention before bleeding to death but he is gonna have scars for a life time. He’s got bragging rights for sure.

Where you motherfuckers at? Get on board the RGM. Spread the word. We the Sircle Jerk Squad hahaha

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21 thoughts on “Man Survives Brutal Attack with Bad Ass Weapon

  1. That will take a long time to heal! For scab pickers this is a dream come true. First week catch a fingernail under the edge. Pull off eight inches of coagulation. Second week seven inches… and so on. What do you reckon how long it would take? 🙂

  2. wow he is lucky to be among the living. it seems like a long blade did this damage i say that for the reason the long cuts a singular lacerations and i see cuts yet not set of 3 stab wounds. i could be wrong but it seems odd.

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