Centipede Stuck in Child’s Ear

Centipede Stuck in Child's Ear

Well…I have no idea how this happened. Perhaps his parents wouldn’t let him bring his pet centipede on holiday and he said; “I’ll smuggle him there in my ear. That’ll show ’em!” But in all likelihood it probably is a pest that crawled into his ear while he was sleeping. This kind of thing can occur in many places, (it could even happen to you tonight while you sleep) but that being said, I rarely kill insects aside from actual pests and disease-carriers, but that doesn’t mean this shit doesn’t still give me the fucking creeps.

Pleasant dreams.

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17 thoughts on “Centipede Stuck in Child’s Ear

  1. I cant help myself but to kill every insect that dares to invade my personal space… im not a biggot, i treat every insect equally… 😆

    Well at least that child’s parents can give the excuse “This is what happens when you dont clean the wax out of your ears!”.

  2. Centipedes are actually known to do this often and are found on every continent except Antarctica. This is one of the few and insect species that I will start killing around the house when I noticed their numbers are getting numerous. They also can bite or sting the living shit out of you and do carry a mild Venom.

    Lol!!! Get him nextie!!!

    • Earworm. I remember some older movie about a large snake sized centipede being pulled out of someone’s body. Having one in your ear, that’s some scary shit.

      • Right!!! I’d be crying and clawing at my ear to get it out. The way it ran out of the ear, I honestly don’t know how the doctor or parents didn’t slam there hands on the kids head or back trying to kill it. I’m not going to lie and say I’m mom of the year but I took my son to a pet store that had lizards, turtles, snakes and spiders, I can look at things like that behind glass but the minute I turned and saw one in the dudes hand, I grabbed my son so fast and held him in front of me as a shield. I can’t stand that crap. Spooky scary stuff.

  3. Human centipede! …..oh wait thats been done already. I live in florida, if yall want to see giant scary alien bugs just let me know. A week ago a saw a giant winged bug so big i killed it with a shovel and could feel every crunch (so big it actualy made a loud unique crunching noise upon impact). Also my buddy told me they bite…..

  4. that little bugger was fucking fast! thats pretty gross imagine the people who live in filth no sense of personal hygene and keep there house all dirty roaches all over the damn place fuck that! once I felt some shit crawling on my face during some deep sleep at night i just so happend to feel it unconsiencly and i smashed it on my face and when i woke up in the morning only too find a fat ass brown spider dead, gross me the fuck out.

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