Big Pimple Popped by Doctor or How Guacamole Dip is Made

Big Pimple Popped by Doctor or How Guacamole Dip is Made

This is apparently Guiness World Record’s Biggest Pimple Pop for 2016. While we’ve all seen much bigger, this one is still a pretty good contender for yuck.

And thanks @littlefoot, for making me put down that fucking guacamole dip…

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27 thoughts on “Big Pimple Popped by Doctor or How Guacamole Dip is Made

      • I’ve had 5 in the last 2 years! I have an immune system disorder and this is how my body gets rid of infection, by making cyts like this. I just wish that mine were as easy to get rid of all the gunk like the doctor did. The one before last was under my arm, that was a really nasty one that had me in the hospital. After that came one on my wrist which was a spider bite, now that arm (both were on the same arm) is permanently swolen. It doesn’t hurt, just feels tight.

          • @shortyshark yes mine are usually in the lympth nodes, that’s how they found out it is an imune system disorder. As mentioned earlier, the last one was a spider bite which resulted in infection. So lympth nodes are not always involved.

      • @littlefoot, Hi Little Foot. Funny thing about when she bans someone…She always leaves peoples avis up, as if they are still members there and doesn’t delete them. Like mine. I can’t do anything with mine there, but there it stays. Maybe so it looks like there are more members than there really are. Congratulations on your achievement with getting canned from the shit site.

        • @theluvmuscle
          That’s exactly what their goal is. You can’t use your account anymore but they won’t get rid of you completely because they can’t afford to lose anymore members so they make it look like you’re still a member but that you choose not to comment anymore. It’s pathetic, I’m just glad I pissed off those assholes enough to finally get rid of me completely. I don’t want to be associated with them anymore 😆

    • I think it’s Lidocaine or Xylocaine, to numb it and also Lidocaine helps stop some bleeding. It helps to close down the capillaries, like when stitching a cut.

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