Woman Hacked to Death by Husband After Argument

Woman Hacked to Death by Husband After Argument

Good morning, sociopaths, outcasts, perverts and fiends. Got a nice slice of gore for you to sink your teeth into!

An unidentified 58-year-old woman was found hacked to death outside of her home in the neighborhood of Cabula, in the state of Salvador, Brazil. The prime suspect in the murder is the woman’s own husband. Witnesses report hearing a loud argument earlier and then found the woman hacked to death. No telling what the argument was about but the husband is on the run, wanted by authorities.

Gotta love Brazil. The machete is law. The machete is life. The machete has evolved in Brazil to be the number one method of settling disputes and now we also see it acting as marriage counselor.

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  1. In the 2nd pic is that her trachea or esophagus? look kind of neat, I know I have a sick side but that does look interesting. I want to go to medical school just so I can dissect a human body, or better yet so some vivisection on some useless prisoners or some nasty jews.

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