Man and Six Year Old Boy Fell to Death in Brazil

Man and Six Year Old Boy Fell to Death in Brazil

This may not be the best thing you can see before work or during work but hey, who says reality is sunshine and rainbows?

The incident happened in August 29 and occurred in Fórum Trabalhista da Barra Funda in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Both victims are unidentified but only the child’s age was determined – the boy was six years old. It is unclear whether or not the incident was an accident or a murder-suicide. No other information was provided.

Whether or not what occurred was suicide or an accident, it still is pretty gut-wrenching that a six year old died like that, with his face down on the pavement. One can assume that poor little head might have been badly bashed. Another thing to note is, the impact of the fall have been so bad that it ripped the man’s arm off. Falling off from a considerable height never was a pretty way to go.

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14 thoughts on “Man and Six Year Old Boy Fell to Death in Brazil

  1. Why is it that sometimes when people have thier arms ripped off, there is a squirt fest and tons of blood. Then other times, theres hardly anything? But how can that be if the artery is severed? Hmm the important questions of life. Anyone care to fill me in..

    • The heart is dead from the sudden impact or a heart attack midway to falling from fear. If the heart isn’t beating it’s not gonna pump any blood.

    • Well, I assume he hit the ground sideways, arm first, sparing his head of the bigger, initial blow. Still, his head did hit the ground, probably causing a rapid internal hemorrhage, and his ribs promptly punctured most of his organs on impact. He died the moment he made contact with that sidewalk.

  2. I hope this wasn’t a suicide. If he did bring his kid with him that’s horrible. Imma believe he was holding his son, looking out the window and slipped, holding his son tightly all the way down and that’s why his arm is ripped off. I will call this a horrible accident.

  3. Here I thought he just wanted some extra reach to scratch that annoying ich that always just beyond your reach… I agree with @theportuguesedude on the angle of landing with this guy, the severed arm also looks to have ‘impact tears’ to further support that. I really hope the guy didn’t slip and fall grabbing the boy out of reflex and dragging the boy down with him…

  4. Evidently the police have released that this was a murder suicide. The father was hugging the sun and jumped. Leaving behind a note.
    This just sucks. I can’t imagine the fear that little guy went through before impact. Why are humans so fucking selfish…

  5. Harumph’s Theory (untested):

    The arm broke off from the crushing initial impact. The bounce (Yes there was a significant one after a fall from the 17th floor!) and subsequent second fall resulted in the unique “arm growing out of the head” position. What, you thought the arm was trying to get away from it’s failed owner? I suppose anything is possible in an infinite number of universes. 😆

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