Do the Derp Dance : Man Shot in Head in Brazil

2 Robbers Receive Some Street Justice

Well, here’s something you don’t see everyday, a man in Laguna Santa Catarina Brazil was shot in his head after a night club fight…alright, alright, I guess we do see this type of shit everyday in Brazil, but I digress.

The most unique part of this little gem of a video is the involuntary hand dance the victim does throughout, which I am dubbing ‘la confusión con retraso Santa Catarina’ or “the Santa Catarina Retarded Shuffle”. Sources say the victim later died at the hospital, which certainly comes as no surprise seeing how he has managed to loose all voluntary control of his body (I’d say he probably shit himself as well). It appears as though his arm actually survived the incident and was attempting to revive him but was unsuccessful, leaving Mr. Derp Silva doing his best impression of a vegetable on the pavement.

and here’s an alternate view, courtesy of @mrspink.

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23 thoughts on “Do the Derp Dance : Man Shot in Head in Brazil

  1. Gotta give him credit he had a pretty good rhythm going on there. When the part of the brain that controls motor function is damaged the body can accomplish all sorts of odd jerks, twitches, and spasms….. The one that have always made me stop and stare with a ‘ huh’ look on my face are severed limbs twitching, and hearts beating for several minuets out of and away from the bod. I can’t help it lol I could sit down and watch that till the stubborn things finally give up.

  2. This should be an Olympic event in Brazil ! They would definitely collect all the gold medals in that category, poor guy Sold all his shit, taking the rest of the afternoon off, just going to jack off a load and this happens! 😡

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