2 Robbers Receive Some Street Justice

2 Robbers Receive Some Street Justice

Video from Brazil captures the severe beating of two would-be robbers who were caught either during or right after their crime. No other info available. But enjoy a good old-fashioned Brazilian street beat down!

I also want to take the time to just tell y’all how proud I am to see this site growing. I look around, seeing a lot of familiar faces and it just warms my cold, black heart. The Truth always comes out in the end, doesn’t it, boys and gores? Thanks you from all of us here at riGOREmortis for your support.

Mad props to RGM member, @ThePortugueseDude for the video.

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31 thoughts on “2 Robbers Receive Some Street Justice

  1. I would like to give some really big cyber hugz to everyone that brought riGOREmortis into my life, I do feel like a new home was made and welcomed me with open arms.<— that was me trying to be sappy, 'oh well' I'm not good at being sappy, thanks @theportuguesedude and so nice to see you posting some great gore once again. 😘

  2. I despise anyone that steals anything for materialistic reasons, or to support a drug habit. If they are stupid enough to steal, when they know the repercussions, then they deserve flip flop justice. The only reason I would be understanding towards stealing if it’s a kid stealing food because they have no other choice, survival of the fittest o guess. But no child should ever go hungry. But these shit bags that steal for a living deserve a beat down.

  3. I LOVE IT!… Flying fist,flip flops,and straight fucking chaos!… OHHH! And flying helmets!! Awesomeness!…They fucked them UP! Gotta LOVE the street justice!!..

    Great post my dear friend!…

    **Ohhhh how I agree though! I missed this, and YOU ALL!!..

    Tiz as if we got our Lil gorefamily back!….

  4. After some additional “aversion therapy”, Julio and Miguel were provided with the best medical care 3rd world helmets and fists have to offer. Then it was off to jail for another round of “aversion therapy.” πŸ‘Ώ

  5. I get that they need to be punished for whatever they did – stealing it seems, but when so many people get involved it can get out of hand. I just don’t like to see suffering, no matter what the person did, I’m more of an ‘aftermath’ type of woman.

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