Woman Executed While Pleading For Her Life

Woman Executed While Pleading For Her Life

Here we have a 19 year old girl who just happened to fall in love with the wrong guy… and when I say wrong guy, I really fucking mean it.

The woman pictured above and featured in her very own video below used to be known as ‘Vanessa Petuziano’. Vanessa was 19 years old and the wife of a drug dealer in Salvador (Brazil of course!) before a rival gang forced there way into Mr. and Mrs. Petuzianos home looking for Mr. Petuzianos…unfortunately for her, he was not home. So, like any good South American gang would do, they subsequently drug Vanessa into a woods and interrogated her on her husbands whereabouts. In between fixing her hair, nervously batting her eyes and covering the target painted on her melon, she is repeatedly asked for her husbands location. When she finally concedes and offers up her hubby (What a bitch!) she is promptly released and flees… Nah, I’m just kidding; they proceed to execute her on the spot and then probably travel afterwards to pay Mr. Petuziano a visit as well.

Although I kind of feel bad for the girl, as she is only 19 years old and has that “holy fucking shit I’m going to die” look plastered all over her face, this should be noted a prime example of why you should not hang out with people who deal drugs…especially anywhere in South America. More than likely, you’ll be featured on RGM dying in some remote shithole in a hail of gunfire.

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40 thoughts on “Woman Executed While Pleading For Her Life

  1. She should have known her life was forfet being the wife of a drug dealer, even as young as she was (non Brazilian standads) she knew what that “business” entailed and what went on, so why bother going out like a pussy by giving her husband’s location up instead of atleast spitting in the gun holders face.

  2. It can probably be hard to find someone who’s not involved in drugs in some way or another. They probably all know a guy who knows a guy. The guy with the gun was just a coward with something to prove. Why else record it and shoot so many times?

  3. Just another normal day in Brazil. Apparently at the end she already wanted to take them to the location they were inquiring her about. There’s just something so satisfying in watching a hoe getting a fitting end. She probably witnessed or even took part in some executions herself. I wouldn’t expect anything else from a favelada, and the wife of a drug dealer.

  4. Live by the gun, DIE by the gun!… BOY,does that go hand in hand here!… This chick does NOT get my sympathy, for you see,I’ve been the dealer,& the bitch before, and in that lifestyle, you KNOW the risks….She had NO problems living the life she lived,spending all that blood money, no?…So then I have NO problems watching her get splattered!…

    Great post!

    Thank you! ҝ€

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