Wingsuiter Dies During Jump on Facebook Live Stream

Wingsuiter Dies During Jump on Facebook Live Stream

Wingsuiter, Armin Schmieder, inadvertently filmed his own death during a failed base jump in the Alps. The 28-year-old jumper told his followers that “today you fly with me” before crashing and dying from his injuries. His body was found in Kandersteg, Switzerland.

The impact itself is not shown but you can hear it. As well as Armin moaning with the sound of cow bells adding a surreal ambience to the man’s final moments.

For those of you who don’t know, wingsuiting is a base jumping sport where in a specially modified suit is used to glide through the air. As with all sports of this type, it carries the potential for disaster. The fall is at the 6:22 mark in the video for those who just want to get to the goods.

And I just want to take this moment to give a big shout out to our video host with the most, ProChan. You guys rock

34 thoughts on “Wingsuiter Dies During Jump on Facebook Live Stream

  1. At that moment when he showed us the finger at 0:05 seconds… he trully deserved it… 😆 I believe you can even hear his blood dripping before he starts moaning… 😀 Btw, he had a GoPro on, maybe we can find his failure from a different angle uploaded somewhere?

    Ohh and… isnt he German rather than Italian? Anyways… i hope ProChan wont give you trouble again…

  2. Kinda hard to put a theory together from just the sound alone. It doesn’t really sound like he hit anything other than the ground. I wonder if it was just a suit malfunction? Or just extreme stupidity which is most likely the cause.

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