Russian Attempts to Cut Government Implant Out of His Eye

Russian Attempts to Cut Government Implant Out of His Eye

Holy shit! A Russian decided that he had a device inside his eye that was surgically implanted there by the government. So he did the only reasonable thing there is to do when faced with severe psychosis; talked to a psychiatrist? Nah, he tried to cut the imaginary implant out of his eye.

He first injects air and a saline solution into his eye periodically and then proceeds to tear at the meat under his eyeball, eventually pulling pieces out. I don’t know if he got the device as I do not speak Russian but something tells me he will wake up regretting this decision.

Video is long and more cringe-worthy than gory, but well worth a look. So sit down, grab some popcorn and enjoy this bit of insanity.

And badass props to RGM member, @Eyez2die4, for the video.

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73 thoughts on “Russian Attempts to Cut Government Implant Out of His Eye

  1. I’ve had a piece of metal removed from my eye on one occasion and a second occasion, Lazer surgery to repair my eye from fluid leakage behind my retina, Central serous retinopathy is the fancy word for it. Shit is fucked up. A few drops of numbing anesthetic is enough. You don’t really feel anything until it wears off.

  2. Gahh I can’t even put eye drops in my eye without flinching like a little bitch! Also do I hear a child in the background? Hopefully he doesn’t decide they also have tracking devices

  3. Hell i do this just about every night after riding the Autobahn with da big FAT BOY hehehe… pulling birds,bugs hubcaps out of my eyes O_o
    seriously Russians are fucking hard core, they dont really fuck around either.

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