Eyepopping Motorcycle Accident in Brazil

Eyepopping Motorcycle Accident in Brazil

Bikes + Third World = Disaster. There’s a good reason why I’m still alive at the age of twenty and that is mainly because I’ve only rode a motorcycle once and I am glad I made that life decision to avoid motorcycles while I am in third world Asia. Well, sort of. The first time I rode a bike was with a friend’s significant other giving me a ride home and yes, we were overspeeding, yes, we weren’t wearing helmets and yes, two pairs of flip flops were involved. Hilarity ensued, though.

What we have here today is a vehicular accident that occurred at Guajajara, in the city of Sao Luis in Brazil on Saturday, August 27. The victims, Vanessa Cristina Sampaio Martins, 32 years old, was sitting on the back of the motorcycle driven by her husband, Alexander Da Silva. The motorcycle bashed her head in which caused her rather instantaneous death. Her husband tried to flee from the scene for fear that he might get incarcerated for driving without a license but, a bit comically, got hit by a bus in the process. He was sent to a county hospital and was treated for injuries which were non life-threatening.

Love your spouses/partners/lovers, don’t put them under dangerous shit. Don’t drive without a license and don’t overspeed. More so, when you try to run from the cops, make sure you look on your left and right to check if there are any large vehicles passing by.

Photo and info credits to our beloved MrsPink. Thank you!

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41 thoughts on “Eyepopping Motorcycle Accident in Brazil

  1. Either that helmet was cheap as shit or that was one violent ass impact (probably both)! The bottom part of the helmet is still around her neck

  2. Thanks for letting me know of this site. I was a long time member at the old site however I didn’t comment too much. I wondered what happened to @obli because I thought your commentary was real. Glad to come across everyone over in “exile”. Long live gore!

  3. @staciejaxx so how do bikers die in canada or USA or Germany, when they hit another vehicle or an animal on the highway?
    Just because they are wearing a full face helmet, it doesn’t mean their eyes don’t pop out. It’s called physics. momentum and speed are our worst enemies in any vehicle or motorcycle crash.
    Cars are made the same in both sides of the border. As a matter of fact the same cars we drive in first world nations are made in third world nations. Go figure.

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