Farting Shards and Iron Bars: Mans Ass Violated With Rod

Brutalized Butthole

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but sometimes, it can also be described with just one… this happens to fall into the latter category: Fuck.

Just take a moment to process the day that this guy must have had leading up to this unfortunate point. He probably awoke in the morning with a complete disdain for his life and shitty job, made his commute into the aforementioned shitty job and then in the blink of a brown eye, fell off a scaffold on the job site and was unceremoniously skewered through his asshole like an Asian shish kabob. Although this photo seems pretty straight forward (a man with a bar up his ass in extreme pain), upon further analysis I think we can all relate to his plight.

When I look at this picture, I see more than anal pain and a colostomy bag…I also see a metaphor for what we all go through in life. Sometimes we go about our business trying to do all the right things and what’s best to get through our time in a fucked up crazy world, only to be raped with a metaphorical “iron bar”. Often, the iron bar comes from unexpected locations, such as “friends” who have ulterior motives and are actually out to fuck us the first chance they get and other times it can come from expected locations that we should have been leery of from the very beginning. Take for instance our time spent with “that other” gore site that was masquerading as a free outlet where all opinions, no matter how risqué, were supposedly accepted. Overnight we were ostracized from the community because the honest opinions we were voicing no longer jived with the accepted status quo and agenda that was feverishly being rammed down our throats. To those people I have this to say: I hope one day the iron bar finds your unsuspecting asshole and unmercifully penetrates it until you burp metallic shards.

Welcome to the new face of gore bitches.

Full 6 seconds of pain can be found here.

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25 thoughts on “Farting Shards and Iron Bars: Mans Ass Violated With Rod

  1. The video actually made me squirm! Holy fuck that is a shitty day he’s having. The possibilities of how this happened are endless, since he was obviously in some kind of construction job, the vest and all… Bet that feel good coming out! Poor fucker.

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