Discarded Newborn Child Found Lying in the Ground

Discarded Newborn Child Found Lying in the Ground

It’s really depressing to see a discarded child. How can someone carry a life for nine months and throw it away somewhere like a piece of rotten meat? I don’t think I can ever understand their way of thinking. I might not have the award for the kindest human on earth but I don’t even think that this is something the Devil himself would even do.

Presented here is a fully developed baby with its umbilical cord still attached and discarded away. This was shared all over social media without information so I sadly have nothing else other than a description of the image.

Even out of extreme poverty or disappointment, I don’t think it ever is or would be reasonable to discard your own child. I don’t think there’s any reason in the world that can make me think otherwise.

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15 thoughts on “Discarded Newborn Child Found Lying in the Ground

  1. Recently here in Las Vegas there was a beast who had a son already, hid her pregnancy and had her baby in the bathtub. She called for paramedics who took her to the hospital for internal bleeding until they found out she had given birth. She left her baby in the tub of water to drown. Her mother who she lived with found the baby when the cops got there. It’s been in the news more and more about beast doing this to there newborns. They try to blame it on mentally unstable BS. All of these beast should be should be suffocated and thrown out like trash.

      • She got out of the tub and went to either the living room or kitchen and waited there, I think it was the living room. She had her mom call so the mom was around the daughter until they came. They arrested her once they found the baby. So she’s in jail now and the son she already had is with the mom. I haven’t heard anything else on it so I’m not sure why she hid the fact she was pregnant when she already had a son. It makes no sense.

  2. As hard as this is to accept to the average person, imagine how much more difficult it is for someone who is NOT ABLE to have children. It’s disgusting that a “human being” (and I use that term lightly) could reject, abandon, and ultimately destroy the tiny life that grew inside of her. She fed it, nurtured it, and kept it safe for months…only to murder it before it even had a name. I guess it’s possible the infant was still born, but show it some respect and give it a proper burial at the very least.

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