Couple Killed in Motorcycle Accident, Woman Loses Leg

Couple Killed in Motorcycle Accident, Woman Loses Leg

A couple on a motorcycle died a horrific death when they were hit by a truck on a highway in an unspecified part of… Brazil, yes, Brazil, land of sunshine, flip flips and violent fucking death. Thanks Brazil, for always delivering. As you can probably guess, I have very little info on this particular accident so I’m just winging this post. Why not?

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17 thoughts on “Couple Killed in Motorcycle Accident, Woman Loses Leg

  1. Man look at that “healthy” leg! That’s enough to make a cannibal’s mouth water, and at the same time give a “leg man” a mean boner! 😉

  2. I’m always amazed at the precision with which some of these limbs have been torn. It’s like we have hidden seams or micro perforations under our skin.

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