Pregnant Brazilian Woman Killed with Shotgun

Pregnant Brazilian Woman Killed with Shotgun

In the early morning hours of June 20th, 2016, 20-year-old Francilene Abraão Gomes de Almeida was murdered by a shotgun blast as she stood inside her front door. The murderer, identified as 23-year-old Israel Pantoja Souza came to the house with the shotgun after getting into an argument with Francilene’s husband earlier in the night. Needless to say, alcohol was involved in escalating the argument which resulted in the two men getting into a fist fight. Not happy, Israel borrowed a shotgun from his friend, identified only as “Tene” and went to the house, demanding the Francilene’s husband present himself. Francilene refused, stating that they didn’t want any trouble and that’s when Israel opened fire on her. She died soon after as a result of her injuries and Israel fled but was later apprehended. Authorities are now searching for “Tene” who fled along with Israel.

It should be noted that Francilene was three months pregnant when she was killed. However, the fate of her unborn child is unknown.

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