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In the history of internet gore, we have had our predecessors and they were all unique and likeable in their own little ways. We at, however, are an entirely fresh face with the vision of honesty, integrity and quality. We seek to stand out among the rest that the World Wide Web has to show by offering a variety of new, classical and noteworthy gore content as well as both frivolous and stern presentation of ideas and opinions without censorship and membership that is free for all. In addition, we want to be completely transparent to our members, supporters and guests. If we make site changes, we will say so. If we receive donations, we will tell you where it goes. If we make an error about an article, we will correct it. Simply put, we will not promote lies and secrecy and we will keep our word. We will not deliver delusional claims nor would we promote agenda from any parties. We refuse to take bribes and we will condemn dishonesty. We will not claim whomever and whatever we are not. Those things, dear readers, are a damn sure guarantee.

It is a necessity that we walk you through around the site for a full user experience. After all, the site interface and functions are explicitly designed to conform to the color motif that suits what we produce and to adhere to usability by users of different computer skill levels. Site navigation is fairly simple. The first tab from your left is our homepage fittingly called ‘Welcome to riGOREmortis!‘. Succeeding that tab is ‘GORE‘ where you can find the stream of fresh gore updated daily by yours truly and fellow writers. After that is ‘The Bare Bones of It‘ tab where we explain in full detail why we have built this website and how it all started. Registered members who are thrown out of Best Gore or silenced by the Best Gore administrators are free to share their personal experiences at the comments section. ‘Rules and FAQs‘ is a section which we dedicate solely to the explanation of website rules and commonly asked questions about our website. I stress that it is of dire importance that registered members be famliar of our rules for a harmonious gore community experience. The ‘Activity‘ page is where member activities and updates flow in real time. The page is public. The ‘Register‘ and ‘Log In/Log Out‘ tabs are considerably self-explanatory and lastly, the ‘Contact Us‘ page is where you can contact us via emails pertaining to the website and its contents. Any technical errors and difficulties accessing the website can be mentioned there as well as, but not limited to: comments, questions, suggestions and violent reactions about Furthermore, you may refer to the FAQs before you send us a question. Questions already mentioned in the FAQ will not be answered. We are not exactly fond of repeating ourselves. Your emails, no matter if you treat us like angels or scoundrels, are kept in pure confidentiality.

Membership is a plus although it isn’t exactly necessary. Don’t get us wrong, we would love to see the fruition of the riGOREmortis community but please do not feel coerced in getting yourself a membership. You do, however, need to make an account before you can participate in community discussions.

That about covers everything. If there are any aspects of the website that we have failed to include, kindly mention it at the comments section below. Questions and clarifications are welcomed.

We sincerely appreciate your stay and/or visit on our website.

Happy browsing and welcome to!

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80 thoughts on “The Fresh Face of Internet Gore

    • Good to see you here as well. I always love reading your comments. It’s sad to see how sheltered most people are on the “other site.” How they assumed violent crimes only happened in Brazil and Thailand because most of the gore contents are from there. I would pick Bahia over south side Chicago anyday! Just yesterday I read about a girl that was injected with meth, raped, strangled, and dismembered on her tenth birthday by her mother and mother’s boyfriend. And this didn’t happened in the “third world country shithole” either.

      • Yes, I’m following that story also. Fucking animals! Infected her with meth, and while they raped and strangled her the one woman started stabbing her in her stomach, all while the mom was there. It’s a big cluster fuck, they are all turning on each other now. Poor girl had both of her arms cut off and her leg was almost removed also. Set on fire too. That “mother” bitch either participated or watched. I can’t imagine the pain and fear that poor thing went through. Fucked up shit. She was a cutie too. Well, hope she is on leave now and they all rot. I don’t understand why, when you have a preponderance of evidence and DNA, the death penalty isn’t enforced immediately! That little girl didn’t get a chance to plead for her life and prove anyone that she was worth not murdering like a animall… Why should they get the chance? Absolutely disgusts me. ๐Ÿ™

      • Thank you @mrspink รฐลธหœยถ it really sucks when retards take every word written on that website literally. Like it’s the Koran.
        The USA is messed up. Even with all those fancy materialistic freedoms they have. I would still rather be in brasil lol

  1. Does anyone think I should enter here looking a bit sheepish? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m really happy for you guys and for us users/viewers. The ‘unmentionable other’ Site was really getting bad and worse. Thanks youz guys and thanks @eyez2die4 for letting me know.

  2. Here we are today, 14 January 2019, and over the past few days there’s been some sad talk over the future of this site. So, I was curious…. curious about the first post on riGOREmortis. Just kept clicking until I got to the beginning, this post, 25 Aug 2016.

    Seemed like a mega-ton of excitement about the establishment of this site then. I’m hoping that the excitement can prevail, and keep riGOREmortis going on for many more years to come.

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